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How to Pasteurize Egg Whites

How to Pasteurize Egg Whites

Uncooked eggs are more likely to become contaminated by salmonella. That’s why they have to be pasteurized to make them safe for consumption. This also makes the condiments or delicacies with uncooked egg whites last longer. Therefore, learn how to pasteurize egg whites before making mayonnaise, for example. Since it is better to be safe than to be sorry, follow these directions for pasteurizing egg whites:

  1. Ready the eggs that need to be pasteurized. Find a suitable pot and thermometer. You won’t need any sophisticated equipment in the pasteurization process. There’s no good reason not to do it yourself. All you need to do is to motivate yourself to spend a bit of time and effort doing it.

  2. Pour some cold water inside the pot and submerge the eggs. Adjust the stove to medium heat. Do not make it higher because you’re not supposed to cook the egg whites. You just want to apply enough heat to weaken the strength of or totally destroy the bacteria commonly found in eggs.

  3. Monitor the temperature closely.

    should not exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit or drop below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer must be dipped into the water to get the right temperature. Use an internal thermometer to be sure.

  4. Lower the heat to keep the temperature within the 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit range as the heat intensifies. The eggs must stay only in the heated water between 3 and 5 minutes. Large eggs must be heated for at least 5 minutes. The process of pasteurizing eggs is done by cooking them briefly and immediately removed them to cool.

  5. Rinse the pasteurized eggs thoroughly with running water. They should still have the consistency of raw eggs minus the risks of bacteria developing. They should still be viable for any recipes requiring fresh eggs.

  6. Refrigerate the pasteurized eggs like any other fresh eggs. However, regardless of how and when you’ll use them – you can be certain that the eggs are safe from harmful bacteria. You can either use them right after pasteurizing or much later.  They can be freshly preserved for as long as they are kept inside the refrigerator.

  7. You can try buying pasteurized eggs from nearby food outlets but it will be difficult. They also cost a lot more than regular eggs. Sometimes it’s not worth spending time looking for them when you can easily do this at home at any convenient time. It’s also beneficial whether you are pasteurizing a few or many eggs. You save both money and time.

The process of how to pasteurize egg whites will not affect the fluffiness of your frosting if you are decorating a cake with it. This might even make the icing akin to a protective cover preserving the cake within. When you make your own chocolate mousse, you won’t be worried about the shelf life of your favorite dessert. It can definitely be stored for a lot longer having pasteurized egg whites in it instead of fresh ones. Don’t forget to pasteurize your eggs the next time you’re baking desserts for commercial and home use.


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