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How to Pencil in Eyebrows

How to Pencil in Eyebrows

It’s hard to imagine penciling in your own eyebrows especially if you are not keen on using makeup. In reality, though, it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Everybody wants to have close-to-perfect eyebrows, but, sadly, some people are not blessed with them. Some have sparse eyebrows and improvements are necessary to make them look good. This is true for both men and women. A little effort makes a difference when it comes to correcting the appearance of eyebrows. Here’s how to pencil in eyebrows:

  1. Be ready with an eyebrow brush, an eyebrow pencil, and a handheld mirror. You may already have an idea of how you want your eyebrows to look. Gather the medium tones that best suit you. You can blend two colors to achieve the closest shade to your natural eyebrows. Sharpen your pencil. This will also clean the eyebrow pencil of previously acquired germs. Gently rub the tip on the back of your hand to make it slightly dull. Groom your eyebrows with the brush and pluck some stray hairs with tweezers as needed.


  2. Brush your eyebrows from the inside corner going outwards. Assess the area that may need filling with a handheld mirror. Pick up your eyebrow pencil and prepare to get started. It is good to relax and steady your hand to do this properly.

  3. Position the pencil at the inside corner of your eyebrow. Apply tiny hair-like strokes on the areas that need to be filled. Remember that it is easier to fill in bare eyebrows than to erase eyebrow pencil marks. Therefore just do a little at a time until you get the hang of it. This should not take very long. Trust your judgment as you progressively fill in the eyebrows. Blend the eyebrow marks with a cotton bud, especially when using two colors - use the same strokes you used when penciling the eyebrows in. It is important to perform the same tasks on both eyebrows.

  4. Get the eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows as you did earlier. When the inside corners are done, you should focus on patching up the outside corners and the arch area of your eyebrows.

  5. Apply hair-like strokes with your pencil, but this time go against the direction of hair growth for the areas on the outside corners and the arch that need filling. When done, brush the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush again. Check your work once more and repeat the procedure on areas that still need filling. As a reminder, do not go beyond the eyebrow line. Use the pencil as a guide to measure the eyebrow length. Place it on a parallel line along your nose to get the starting point of the brow. Slant the pencil a bit to the outer eye for the end point.

  6. You can also apply a small amount of wax or hair spray to your newly penciled brows to keep them in place throughout the day.

Learning how to pencil in eyebrows using the above procedure will allow you to modify your eyebrows in a comfortable manner. You know yourself better than anyone else. So, if the curve, thickness, and style of your eyebrows signify something about you, you might as well play the primary role in deciding what they say. Beauty salons normally do a good job in this regard, but if you have difficulty explaining what you want to achieve you have the option of doing it yourself. This will prevent you from looking like a stranger when you look at your reflection in the mirror.


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