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How to Permanently Remove Facial Hair

How to Permanently Remove Facial Hair

Tired of having to shave or wax facial hair every now and then? You can actually permanently zap away those unwanted follicles on your face. Keep in mind that repeated tweezing or removal of hair from its roots can lead to a permanent decrease in hair growth. However, this would take a while (and many painful episodes) to happen. If you want an easier, quicker, and less painful solution on how to permanently remove facial hair, take a look at these helpful hints:

  1. You can try using Vaniqa, a prescription cream that blocks the enzyme that triggers hair production and thus decreases hair growth. This doesn't remove hair or make it fall out though. What it does is slow down hair growth, making the strands finer and lighter. You'll need to consult a doctor first.

  2. The best method for permanent facial hair removal is laser treatment. There are various ones available in various dermatology clinics right now, such as Diode, Alexandrite, and Nd: Yag lasers. The great thing about this option is that it's less painful and that it does not require you to grow out your hair before the next session.

    You'll see the effects after a few sessions and enjoy permanent hair reduction after several more. However, this option is not as optimal for those with light-colored hair (gray, white, or blond) as the lasers target the pigment at the root of the hair. Thus, this option is best for those with dark hair. Those with dark skin can go for newly developed laser treatments that can treat facial hair on dark skinned individuals.

  3. Electrolysis is another viable hair removal alternative, as it kills the cell that triggers hair growth. This is also considered one of the safest methods. What happens is that a small needle is inserted into the follicle, and an electrolytic ray is activated to destroy the follicle. This may be a bit painful, so anesthetic creams may be used on the affected areas before the procedure. This is not suitable for dark-skinned people as there is an increased risk of keloid formation and hyperpigmentation.

  4. Another option, which is suitable for those who are budget-conscious, is using at-home hair zapping lasers. These products can work like the professional devices. You'll need to do several sessions before you see results. However, these home-use lasers are best for those with dark hair and light skin. Those with dark skin and light hair may not benefit from this as these devices target the melanin that gives hair its coloring.

  5. If the facial hair growth is tied to hormonal imbalance or fluctuations, see a doctor. You may be prescribed treatments, like birth control pills, to help regulate the hormones connected to hair growth and possibly reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial hair. Although you can use supplements or herbs to balance your hormones, it's best to do so under the supervision of a medical professional to avoid complications.

Waxing is the next best thing to how to permanently remove facial hair for women with dark skin or light hair, as it removes hair from the roots and result in slow hair growth. It takes weeks for the hair to regrow, so you get to enjoy hairless upper lips, chins, and cheeks for a while.  


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