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how to pick eyeglasses for your face

how to pick eyeglasses for your face

Every human face is unique. Regardless of the shape, your face will always look attractive if you choose eyeglasses that complement your facial shape. Not all styles of eyeglasses frames will suit you. Thus, having firsthand knowledge on how to pick eyeglasses for your face is definitely an advantage when shopping for new spectacles. The brand of the eyeglasses isn't as important as the style and shape of the frame. However, it would be best if the brand, the quality of the lens and the shape of the frames work together to suit your face. In choosing your eyeglasses, remember that the brand, color, and most importantly the shape of the frame must be your prime considerations. Here are the steps on how to pick the best set of eyeglasses for your face.

  1. Take a closer look at your face in the mirror. Examine the size of your face. Is it wide or narrow? It is all about proportion. If you have a wide face, you will need larger frames. If you have a thinner face, you will need smaller frames.

  2. Determine your color preference.

    our skin complexion can help you in determining the right eyeglasses style you need. Choose the eyeglasses frame color that complements your skin tone and hair color. Do not simply select a color that contrasts with your natural looks and beauty. After all, it is hard to defy nature.

  3. Determine your facial shape. There are different kinds of facial shapes. Every set of eyeglasses frame is suited to a particular profile of face. Whether your facial contour is square, triangle, oval, oblong or upside-down triangular, it has a corresponding type of eyeglasses frame design. Below are tips concerning facial shapes:

    Oval-shape face. You can choose whatever kind of frame shape you want. Experts say that an oval face is a balanced face that fits into any kind of eyeglasses frame shape.

    Round-shaped face. Itis best to pair it with rectangular-shaped eyeglasses frame. This kind of frame will make your round-shaped face look longer and thinner. In addition, narrower eyeglasses frames will make your face look longer, compensating for its natural roundedness.

    Oblong-shaped face. If your facial profile is oblong, make your face look shorter and balanced. Do not choose rectangular, narrow and long eyeglasses frames. Choose a frame that has low bridge, wide and square.

    Square-shaped face. Choose narrow and delicate eyeglasses frames. If you have a triangular contour rather than a square-shape, select an eyeglasses frame that is wide on top. Eyeglasses frames that are laden with decorations will also work well with square-shaped faces.

    Upside-down shape. If your facial structure is an upside-down triangle, pick an eyeglasses frame that has a wide bottom. As to color preference, choose a lighter color.

  4. Consider your personality. Your personality is another element that will help you choose the right eyeglasses. If you are a serious and straightforward type of person, choose the formal designs with no other extra attachments or decorations on the frame. If you like to be a little trendy, there are also frames that have embellishments attached.

Buying a set of eyeglasses is not just about the brand, the price and the current fashion trend. The right eyeglasses frame should suit your personality, facial shape and skin complexion. Learning how to pick eyeglasses for your face will ensure that you find frames that complement your natural facial characteristics.


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