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How to Pick the Right Dog Breed

How to Pick the Right Dog Breed

Each breed has its own nature. A potential dog owner must know how to pick the right dog breed by being aware of their instinctive characteristics. This article is not meant to endorse any kind of breed, but to disclose the typical traits of each breed. Here’s some helpful information:

  1. Take the case of terriers – they are small but terrible dogs. They are easy to take care of in terms of grooming because of their short and manageable coats. However, do consider the fact that they are very independent dogs and will only obey dog handlers who are firm in showing his or her authority without being abusive.

  2. Know that herding breeds are working dogs. They are highly energetic, easy to train, and can follow commands fast and industriously. They can be good as pets if you don’t fail to give them household chores that can occupy their time. These dogs can get bored easily when their energy is not utilized, thus resulting in bad behaviors.

  3. Actually, there are also dogs that are called working breeds.

    ey are also useful dogs, but not as energetic as the herding breeds. However, working breeds have bad tempers. They must be trained to manage their temperament to be peaceful at home.

  4. People who are always in the field with their dogs would rather have hunting or sporting breeds. They can even become good entertainers like the ones used in the circus. A good example of this kind of dog is the Labrador retriever, which is a well-preferred breed by most active households, farms and entertainment arenas.

  5. Do not expect that your energetic hound will remain as such when it gets older. It will still be stubborn as time goes by, but it will need longer hours during the afternoon naps.

  6. Companion pets referred to as toy breeds are normally miniature in size. Although they are generally friendly dogs, they can get spoiled when treated as such by the owner. They tend to be dominant and demanding but because of their size, you can still easily overpower them to make them behave well.

  7. Most northern breeds are very beautiful dogs. They have luscious hairs and long tails – plus they have attractive faces. Mind you, the downfall is they are too stubborn to be trained on how to behave properly. Their instinct is only telling them to escape and run. Professionals train them to assist police missions.

  8. You can take chances on non-sporting breeds if you can allocate a lot of time building a close relationship with your dog. Each non-sporting dog has its own sense of individuality that must be recognized by the owner to know the effective methods in handling it. Their progress will depend largely on how they are treated.

You can only be successful on how to pick the right dog breed if you know what you want and what to look for. Generalizations aside, there are still dogs that are stubborn in nature, but end up being well-behaved. This is proven to be possible given the right master. These guidelines are just overall descriptions of breeds and not designed for a specific dog.


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