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how to plan a family reunion on a budget

how to plan a family reunion on a budget

Connecting to your dear family members and relatives is one good way to relive a family heritage. Sometimes people need to rekindle their family history in order to appreciate more how great it is to have a family. A reunion is the perfect activity that can revive happy moments and strengthen the family bond. However, conducting a family reunion necessarily involves money. Thus, one of the challenges to hurdle is how to plan a family reunion on a budget and make the most of it. There are a number of approaches on how to have a family reunion inexpensively. The following cost-saving techniques will help you in planning a memorable family reunion:

  1. Book ahead. If family members are living in distant places, it is best to book their mode of transportation ahead of time. Airline, bus, and ship companies offer cheaper tickets and accommodations when you book earlier than the scheduled trip or voyage. For transportation expenses alone, you can already save as much as 50 per cent of the budget.

  2. Colored badges for T-shirts.

    To have some sort of identification, most of the reunion attendees wear the same color of shirts with the same designs but of different sizes. Actually, this choice is expensive and it may be disliked by many. Instead of having uniform T-shirts, you can choose colored badges. Using badges is unique, simple, easy-to-make, and cheaper.

  3. Choose less expensive T-shirts. If the majority of the family wants to have their own memorabilia shirt, choose a less expensive brand of T-shirts. You can order in bulk. Colors like black and white are cheaper. You can print or design the shirts on your own. Hiring someone for the printing is definitely another expense.

  4. Potluck on food. Before announcing that the food menu would be on a potluck basis, make sure that all parties are properly informed of their food assignments. This is necessary so that everyone will bring different recipes. Assign who will bring barbecues, fish menu, side dishes, desserts, crunchy snacks, etc. Food on a potluck basis can save you from the expense of hiring a catering service just to meet the food requirements.

  5. Take your own photos and shoot your own videos. To have memories during the reunion, pictures and videos are indispensable. It would be very expensive to hire the services of an official photographer or video artist. With the use of a digital photo camera and handy video camera, you can take your own photos and shoot your own videos inexpensively. At the culmination of the reunion, you can make a video or photo collage for a wonderful presentation.

  6. Choose a cheaper venue. State parks are a lot cheaper compared to private recreational venues. Search ahead of time for state parks in your local area which offer good, recreational facilities. However, there are also privately owned recreational areas which offer cheaper prices, especially when you book ahead of time. Check for possible discounts too.

  7. Make homemade giveaways, prizes, and memorabilia. Instead of buying ready-made tokens, you can make your own out of your own creativity. You can search on the Internet for how to make homemade tokens to be given as prizes for the games. Create memorabilia so that everyone can remember and cherish the momentous event.

Budgetary limitations are not valid reasons to deprive everyone of the chance to rekindle a family bond through a reunion. If you are not sure on how to plan a family reunion on a budget, just refer to the techniques discussed above and everything will simply fall into place. Share this guide with your friends too.


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