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how to plant a flower how to plant a flower how to plant a flower how to plant a flower how to plant a flower

Discovering on your own how to plant a flower is really fun. But why plant flowers? Flowers are very refreshing, very calming to the mind, and very pleasing to the eyes. One beautiful red rose can already make a romance very thrilling. In most cases, flowers are used to beautify a space, especially during occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and church gatherings. You can start planting the flowers you love in your backyard or in any vacant space around your house. In time, you will have something to watch over every morning as you breathe in fresh air. Just go through the following step-by-step directions, and you will never go wrong.

  1. Plant any potted flowers. Instead of just placing a potted flower in a corner, plant it instead. If you do not have one, you can always visit the nearby flower shop and buy some. Don’t forget to read the label, which indicates what climate is best for the plant variety. The most important thing to remember here is that the flowers must be pest-free and entirely healthy.

    One indication that it is no longer in good condition is yellowish leaves.

  2. Identify an appropriate planting area and work on the soil. One of your primary considerations is the sun and shade requirement of the flower. Begin working on the soil surrounding the planting area. Extend at least 12to 18 inches at most all around it. If the soil texture is not soft, add peat moss, compost soil, or any commercially packed soil. The texture of the soil must neither be too powdery nor too sandy. Ideally, the soil must be consistently crumbly and lightly soft.

  3. Use some fertilizers. This will enhance the soil and help plants grow. There are several soil stimulants available, but it is best to use organic fertilizer. At any rate, however, do read the pot label for the recommended fertilizer and its application dose. More importantly, avoid using an excessive amount of fertilizer.

  4. Dig a hole for your plant. The hole must measure twice the size of the pot’s diameter. Observe if the root fibers are loosely hanging so you can spread them around the plant. If the roots are closely bound with each other, cut off the bottom area to do away with root tangles.

  5. Spread soil evenly around the root. Add sufficient amounts of water to the loose earth. Put in some more loose dirt into the hole, then water, then loose soil, then water, until you see that the root is completely covered. Allow the water to settle down at the bottom. After that, use your fist or foot to push the soil downward until you feel that the plant is firmly planted.

  6. Do a pull-out test. Pick the base and pull slowly. If it doesn’t move in any way, then it is firmly planted. If it wiggles around or seems a little shaky, then press the dirt to tighten its hold.

By the time that you master the fundamentals on how to plant a flower, you can develop it into a fun hobby. Plant as many flowers as you can to make a beautiful garden.    


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