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how to plant a flower bed

how to plant a flower bed

Growing your favorite flowers, herbs, or vegetables is very rewarding and refreshing to the mind. Once you know how to plant a flower bed, the whole gardening process becomes fun, enjoyable, and a great form of physical exercise. Planting your own flower bed needs careful planning, proper gardening tools and of course the kind of flowers that can grow healthily in your region. To help you plant your own flower bed, let us examine these steps. Thereafter, you can safely proceed to actually making one at home.

  1. Start small. If you are a beginner, this gardening tip is applicable to you. Since you don’t have any gardening experience whatsoever, your flower bed should be a little smaller, so you can easily work on it. In time, when you are more capable of growing more plants, you can decide to expand your space and add some more flower varieties.

  2. Make a flower bed lay-out. You don’t have to be an architect to make a good sketch for your garden bed.

    hen making the sketch, consider the size of the flowers you would like to grow, the whole area needed, mulching issues as well as the need to have borders. Think of the landscaping aspect too. To help you with your design, there are plenty of garden designing programs you can find on the internet.

  3. What is your budget? The amount of money you will invest is a perennial factor in gardening. If you are working on a very limited budget, growing your seeds first seems to be a good idea, rather than buying flowers, which can be costly. To grow a very beautiful flower garden does not depend on size alone. No matter how large or small your flower bed, as long as you are creative with it, you can get the kind of look you are trying to achieve.

  4. Choose your area. You can grow your flowers either in the backyard or in front of your house as long as there is enough space. All you have to consider is that the planting area drains well and receives good sunlight every day. In your lay-out, you must identify whether your chosen area is round, rectangular, or square.

    Your garden bed can either be ground level or raised a little. Either way, always mix top-soil and ground-soil together. If you think a raised flower bed is more appropriate for your area, you should use bricks, stones, or railroad ties as retaining garden wall to hold the garden soil.

  5. Set up short posts. Should you like, you can set up short posts as your garden boundary, to more clearly see the outline based on your lay-out. If use string to connect one post to the next until you return to the post where you originally started. The posts are very useful, especially if you plan to do some landscaping in your flower bed.

  6. Prepare your garden area. At this time, use a shovel to start digging up to 12-inches of earth. Use organic compost to improve the quality of your soil. Evenly spread the compost over the flower bed and then mix thoroughly. Continue digging for the root structure of your flowers. The holes should be wide enough to allow the expansion of the roots of your flowers over time.

  7. Choose your flowers. This seems to be the easiest part of your gardening project. For this item, you must first research the kinds of flowers that can be grown easily in your area. You can always ask the vendor in your local nursery or greenhouse store which of your favorite flowers can be best grown in your flower bed.

    You can also try planting a mixture of annual and perennial flowers. In that way, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful blossoms each year.

  8. Plant your flowers. This is the thrilling part. When planting your flowers, you need to observe some basic design rules. First, remove every flower from the container without damaging the root system. If there are old stems and rotten leaves, cut them off. Second, the medium-size flowers should occupy the middle part of the garden bed while the shorter ones must be situated in the front row. Those taller plants like your perennial flowers can be best placed at the rear of the bed.

    To plant each flower, fill the hole with top soil, and then press down gently. You don’t have to put excessive soil around each plant.

  9. Water your flowers. After giving your newly-planted flowers sufficient water, spread a layer of mulch so that weeds and grass cannot easily grow in your garden area. Remove the posts and the string, and replace them with wooden beams and stones to support the garden soil.

During weekends, when you are just staying at home doing almost nothing, find time to work on the empty space in your backyard. Use the steps we have studied on how to plant a flower bed. After you have successfully grown your favorite flowers, bring a few fresh blossoms to your mom and dad every morning to make their day complete, or send some to your friends and neighbors.


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