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how to plant and grow okra

how to plant and grow okra

Okra is a unique vegetable that is actually a seed pod. It is used in many delicious dishes like gumbos and many southern and Indian dishes. Okra usually grows in warm climates, which is why it is most common in southern states. For successful plantation and growth of okra, you don’t need to be a professional. It is very easy to grow and requires little hard work. If you follow our simple steps on how to plant and grow okra, you can have your own home grown okra for delicious recipes.

  1. The quality of the seeds matters a lot, so the first step is to buy good quality okra seeds from a reputable provider. Okra seeds are widely available in most areas. Now start the plantation by prepping the soil in which you want to grow the seeds. Well drain the soil to make it perfectly moist, but don’t overdo it and make it soggy.

  2. Be careful to perfectly sterile the container and soil so as to prevent any fungi from growing. Now that you have prepared the soil, start the plantation by making small holes with a stick.

    he seeds should be planted 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart. Plant a single seed in each hole and cover it with soil. Water the seeds as well.

  3. Set the containers in a warm and sunny location for the germination to start. You will need to water the soil frequently so as to keep it moist, but again be careful not to make it soggy.

  4. When the seeds begin to germinate, widen out the plants so they are 1 foot apart, but be sure to keep the strongest plants in place. If you want to grow a large amount of okra, you will need a big space as they grow quite wide after maturation. Frequent watering is needed in all steps of planting and growing, so don’t forget to keep it watered.

  5. When the seeds are established, about 15 days after germination, apply an all purpose liquid fertilizer at one quarter strength. Fertilizer will help the growth of the seeds.

  6. You can start harvesting when the plants start producing seed pods, which should take about 50 days. Harvest the seed pods when they are ripe, which means they should be about 3 to 4 inches in length. Check for new growths everyday and harvest them frequently as that will encourage the plants to produce seed pods more frequently.

  7. There are some tips that you can follow to ensure good quality plantation. Along with good quality seeds, you will also need good quality soil. Purchase a soil that has added nutrients in it to increase its overall quality. Another precautionary measure that you will need to follow is to make sure the threat of frost has passed. Okra seeds require warm weather for germination and growth, so unless the weather is warm enough they won’t grow at all. Therefore, don’t rush them if you want successful plantation and growth.

Okra is a fairly easy vegetable to grow at home, even in large amounts. However, you will need to be careful not to mess them up by disregarding the little things. These steps on how to plant and grow okra are proven successful in producing good quality okra if followed exactly. Make sure you keep the plants sheltered with plenty of sun and keep them watered. Also, mulch and fertilize the soil to keep it full of nutrients. Once you follow all these steps and precautions you will be able to enjoy gumbos with your own home grown okra.


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