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How To Plant Tomato Plants

How To Plant Tomato Plants

Because tomatoes are tasty and can be used in many different foods and sauces, a number of people wouldn’t mind knowing how to plant tomato plants in their backyard. Botanically, tomatoes are considered fruits, but for culinary purposes, they are regarded as a variety of vegetable. Tomato fruits had been proven to contain good amount of lycopene, a kind of carotenoid substance known to be rich in anti-proliferative properties and anti-oxidants. Epidemiological studies have revealed that eating lycopene-containing fruits, such as tomatoes, helps prevent cancer, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, muscular degeneration, and other related illnesses. Growing your own tomato plants is not only fun and rewarding but you can also enjoy eating healthy, entirely fresh, and real delicious tomato. Below are a few of the most effective tomato growing tips.

  1. Choose good growing soil. Fertile soil is loaded with nutrients, including phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. It also contains minerals like cobalt, magnesium, iron, and copper.

    It is best if your topsoil has a high concentration of micro-organisms that are needed to support plant growth. If you are not really sure of the components of your backyard soil, you can bring a sample to your local cooperative office or garden experts and have them examine it to find out whether or not it is viable for growing tomatoes.

  2. Improve the soil condition. The top secret in order to yield healthy results is to stay organic. You can improve the condition of the soil by adding composted manure, especially if you are planting during the springtime. Your tomatoes can be expected to grow fully in a neutrally acidic to slightly acidic type soil. Although having a soil pH anywhere from 6.0 to 7.0 can promote nutrient absorption, a pH lower than 6.0 can keep the tomatoes from experiencing the so-called yellow shoulder condition.

    Should you like, you can add the right combination of fertilizers, such as lime and clay, to promote growth. You can also purchase potting soil, which is very rich in minerals, and put it in a large-size container and then plant your tomatoes in there.

  3. Choose a sunny area. Tomato plants, when grown in an area that receives only partial sun rays, will still grow, but the resulting fruits will not be as big as they should be. In order to maximize the growing potential of your tomato plants, you should grow them under full sun.

  4. Choose a tomato variety in accordance to the climate in your area. You will notice that there are several varieties of tomato plants in your local plant cooperative or garden stores. There are early-producing and slightly later-producing tomatoes. But you can actually buy a few of one variety and some of another variety so that you can have tomatoes during the entire growing season. For example, if you are located in a colder place wherein your summer season is rather short-lived, varieties such as Better Boy, Rod Rocket, Early Girl, or Sugar Baby are highly recommended.

  5. Plant your chosen tomatoes. Consider the fact that the root system of your tomatoes will grow and expand down the soil, and so, you can dig at about 2-feet deep and 3-feet in diameter. To ensure a stronger root system, you can bury the first set of lower leaves along with the roots. Upon planting, you should supply sufficient amount of water for each tomato plant. Around one gallon for every plant is good. When the soil is all wet right after planting, that indicates that you have poured in a good amount of water.

    If you are planting your tomatoes in a garden area, one important factor to consider is the spacing in between plants. Eventually the tomato plants will develop and grow into bigger structure, therefore, they should be separated at least 20 to 24 inches apart. But if you are growing your plants in cages, at least 18-inch spacing in between is good.

    Understand that if they are too close with each other, they will compete for the sun rays. Also, because there are no enough spaces in between plants you cannot easily work on them as time passes by. It is a matter of giving your plants sufficient room for growth especially when they start bearing fruits.

  6. Water your plants. Each plant deserves at least 2 cups of water every day for 2 straight weeks. As they grow, you can gradually increase their water intake. But if the weather is really hot and real dry, they might need a few gallons of water to stay hydrated.

  7. Take good care of your plants. Ideally, you should be checking on your plants as you water them. After three weeks, you can start pulling out weeds and little grasses growing around your plants. Moreover, you can install some kind of growth-support system for your plants because as they grow bigger, they need a structure to lean on.

  8. Take time to harvest your tomatoes. Notice that the fruits will turn red slowly. If you like, you can pick them up while they are not really so red. Hold the tomato fruit and gently twist it. There are also some gardeners who prefer to allow their tomatoes to ripen for a while before they start harvesting them. If there are rotten fruits, be sure to take them off so as not to affect the healthy ones. Dead and old limbs must also be cut off.

After you have picked a few tomatoes, continue watering so that they can go on bearing fruits for the rest of the summer. Unlike growing other garden vegetables, learning how to plant tomato plants won’t really take much of your time. Besides, there are a lot of ways you can enjoy fresh-grown tomatoes.


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