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How to Play Digimon Card Game

How to Play Digimon Card Game

Digimon started out as a television series, in which the Digidestined attempt to save the world against evil forces with the help of Digimon. Due to the wild popularity of the series, it evolved into several game franchises and movies. Those who love playing video games got their huge dose of interactive Digimon characters battling it out in the arena in games like Digimon World for PlayStation and Digimon Adventure for PSP. However, the Digimon Trading Card Game remains to be the most popular game for this TV series. That is the reason why a lot of Digimon fans are excited to learn how to play Digimon Card Game. This can be done through the following steps:

  1. In order to participate in the game, you need to have a Digimon card collection. In this game, there are four Digimon card types that you need to have.

    The first one is Digimon, which are character cards that you are going to use to play the game;

    Digidestined, which are special trading cards that can enhance the defense or attack of your Digimon;

    Digivolve, which can be used together with your Digimon cards to increase your character’s level; and

    Digi-Modify, acting as wild cards that can be used anytime for any reason.


  2. There should also be a play mat for every player, where the whole game will take place.

  3. The play mat contains different slots that are going to be used in the game.

  4. The Digimon Card Game can either be short or long. For a short match, each player should have 30 cards; for a long match, each player should have 60 cards.

  5. To set up the game, every player should select a rookie Digimon card and place this face down on the duel zone of the play mat.

  6. Each player should then shuffle his own Digimon card deck. Afterwards, deal 10 cards, then place the remaining deck at his front. Each player will also cut the cards of the player next to him, then place the cut cards on the upper left corner of their play mats. This is the online zone.

  7. All players will flip over their rookie Digimon cards, and everyone can take note of their opponent’s type and power. In doing so, the players can formulate strategies for combat against their opponents.

Set up the champion digivolution and other requirements from your deck or hand, and place these cards face down in the digivolve zone of the play mat.
  1. To figure out who will start the game, flip a coin.

  2. Once the playing order has been settled, the first player can either choose to digivolve or pass.

    If you choose to digivolve, you should meet all of the requirements in order to evolve and become a champion. Once this has been achieved, you can move the champion card face up on top of the duel zone. Remember that this option can only be chosen once per duel.

    If you choose to pass, you should remove the face down card from the play mat and place it on the offline zone.

  3. The play continues with the next player until all the players have taken their turn.

  4. Power up your Digimon by playing Digidestined cards per turn. The preparation phase will come to a close once a player passes or runs out of Digidestined cards.

  5. To determine the winner of the duel, compare the powers of the two Digimon at the end of the preparation phase. The winner will get to keep all the cards in the duel zone, while the loser should move all his cards in the offline zone, except for the rookie Digimon card. The winner will also earn points each time he wins the game.

  6. Continue dueling with other players until someone reaches a predetermined number of points. This player will be crowned as the winner.

If you are very fond of watching Digimon, then you will also have fun playing the trading game. Knowing how to play Digimon card game will enable you to enjoy your favorite show with your friends.


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