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How to Play the Card Game Garbage

How to Play the Card Game Garbage

There really is no limit to the number of games you can play with kids once you get a standard deck of playing cards. When you want them entertained with something other than TV or digital games, playing cards are your best bet. Card games are  perfect for young children ages 3+ because they do reinforce certain mathematical and logical skills without being obvious, taking the learning-while-having-fun concept into such an unassuming direction. You really don’t need anything else expect a standard deck of cards for this game, but to make it easier for younger kids who are just learning how to play the card game Garbage, you can get some Post-its and mark them with the numbers 1 to 8. The Post-its will help your child remember what number has been assigned to the cards. Here’s how you play Garbage:

  1. Take the deck and shuffle it to mix up the order of the cards. Deal the players eight face down cards each.

  2. Place the stack of undealt cards in the middle where the players can easily reach.

    is is the”garbage” heap.

  3. Meanwhile, without peeking or turning the face down cards over, each player will arrange his eight cards in two rows of four.

  4. Take your post-its and consecutively place them above each of the eight cards. Thus, the post-it with the number 1 will be above the first card, the one with number 2 will be above the second card, the post-it with the number 5 will be above the first card in the second row, and so on.

  5. To begin the game, the first player will draw a card from the”garbage” heap. If he or she draws a card that is any number from 1-8, he or she will place it under the Post-it number. Say that Player 1 draws an 8; she will take the last card from the second row and put the drawn card face side up in its place.

  6. She will then look at the card that has been replaced. If it is a card between the numbers 1-7, she will put it under the correct number and once more take the face-down card that has been replaced. She can no longer play the number 8 anymore because it has already been drawn from her set.

  7. The first player will continue her turn as long as the cards that are being replaced can be used in her set. The moment she turns up an unusable card (a number bigger than eight or a card that has already gained a place in her set), she will put it back into the ”garbage” pile and the second player takes his turn.

  8. The first round ends when one player has replaced all of the original set with the correct cards. All of the players give their cards back and are dealt a new set. For the next round, everybody else gets another set of eight cards, except for the winner who only gets seven cards. With every round, the winner of the previous round will get one less card in his set. By the eighth round, the winner of the seven preceding round will just be playing one card in his set, making him an instant winner as soon as he gets an Ace.

A standard deck of cards only has four suits, so if you have more than four people who want to know how to play the card game Garbage, you need to use more than one deck of cards. This is actually a very good solitaire game for young children too. If you need to keep the game a bit simpler and shorter, you can certainly make an entire game out of just one round. It may be better to do so when dealing with younger kids with shorter attention spans. Plus, having a declared winner after just one round gives them more satisfaction in having finished an activity, especially when there are prizes or other fun stakes involved.


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