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How to Play the Naruto Trading Card Game

How to Play the Naruto Trading Card Game

If you love watching the anime Naruto, you know that the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, has only one goal—and that is to become the best ninja in the world. The goal is the same if you are going to play the Naruto trading card game. Each player aims to be hailed as the best ninja of the game. As a player, you can mix and combine different cards featuring characters, abilities, and villages in order for you to fight your opponent during your quest. In learning how to play the Naruto Trading Card Game, it is important that you strengthen your strategy when it comes to selecting cards to play.

  1. Complete a deck of 50 cards by choosing the ones you want to use from your collection. You should select a combination of four types of Naruto trading cards: ninja (for attacking opponents), mission (boosts power), client (supports ninjas and villages), and Jutsu (grants martial arts powers). One player can have up to three of the same cards in his deck.

  2. Make sure that you have your game mat, which will be used as a place to fight your opponent.

    Place your deck of cards in the card deck pile. Shuffle your cards, as well as your opponent’s.

  3. Decide who will go first when it comes to attacking or defending. You can do this by simply playing rock-paper-scissors against your opponent.

  4. Draw six cards from your deck; make sure that you draw them face down so as not to let your opponent see your cards. If you do not like your cards, you are allowed to redraw twice. However, every time that you redraw, you should draw one less card than the last time.

  5. Enter the mission phase of the game. The person who attacks first should draw another card and select a card from his deck. Remember that every card has differing abilities. In addition, you should take a look at the entry cost found at the upper right hand corner of your deck. This should be equal to or less than your turn marker. For example, if your card has an entry level of two, and it is just your first turn, you cannot play this card until your second turn.

  6. The organization phase of the game comes next. This is where you will organize your drawn ninja cards into teams that will either attack or defend your village, based on what side you are playing.

  7. After the organization phase comes the battle phase, wherein each player chooses their moves. They can send cards from their mission phase in order to attack the opponent, or they can use power-ups from their client or Jutsu cards. After the battle phase, the players can then reveal their cards to the other player to determine the winner. The team power points are added up, and the player with the highest number of total points wins a certain battle.

  8. The ultimate winner will be determined during the end phase, wherein the players will find out who got the most number of battle rewards. These are earned by defeating ninjas in every battle. A player will be declared a winner if he winds up with 10 or more battle reward points, or if the opponent does not have any cards left in his deck. In the case that both players incur more than 10 battle reward points, then the current attacker wins the game.

Although it is nice to learn how to play the Naruto trading card game, keep in mind that you will need to invest a lot of money for your trading cards. This can add up, but if you are really passionate about your Naruto trading cards, you will certainly consider the cost to be worth it.


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