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How to Pluck Eyebrows

How to Pluck Eyebrows

Learning how to pluck eyebrows is a practical way to control unwanted hairs. Well-maintained eyebrows are an indication that you can face whatever challenges come your way with confidence. Here’s some information that is worth adding to your collection of beauty tips:

  1. Buy top-of-the-line tweezers. Be fussy when choosing sharp, thin, slanting tweezers for ease in plucking eyebrow hairs. Kristie Streicher, a celebrity eyebrow expert from Warren Tricomi Salon in NYC and LA, recommends Revlon’s Slant Tip Ultimate Tweezers. They can be ordered online for only $10. Tweezers of this type are ideal for quickly plucking even the finest hair.

  2. Clean your face with warm water and mild facial cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt. Warm water will help open your pores and soften your eyebrows for easy plucking. Take a soft, clean towel and dry your face with it. If you want to open your follicles faster, dip a smooth face towel in hot water, squeeze the excess water out, and put it on your eyebrow for 2 minutes.

    ake extra care as you do this. Make sure that the heat is not intense enough to burn your skin. Afterwards, pat the skin dry and moisturize it.

  3. Use a numbing cream to avoid painful plucking. If the skin is especially sensitive to pain, you can continue plucking with the help of Oragel-Baby Teething Medicine. This is available at any drugstore for only $5. Apply this gel to your face after washing and before you begin plucking. It will help you tolerate the pain better.

  4. Bring the tweezers near your skin. Hold them properly so that you can easily grab a strand of hair. Once you have captured the hair, close the tweezers’ tip tightly using your forefinger and thumb then pluck the hair quickly. Repeat the process until all the unwanted hairs (including their roots) are removed.

  5. Make sure to follow the eyebrow line to prevent the eyebrows from becoming misshapen. Pluck all the excess hairs below the eyebrows diligently to reveal your nice arch and eyebrow line.

  6. Clean up your unibrow or the space in-between your eyebrows by determining the starting points of your eyebrows. Take an eyebrow pencil and put it upright on the top edge of your nose, straight ahead of your eyebrow. The hair that grows beyond the pencil should be plucked off. Do the same for the other eyebrow.

  7. Determine where your eyebrow line ends. Take the eyebrow pencil and position it horizontally from the top edge of your nose and slightly slant it through the end point of the outermost part of your eye. Mark that spot. If there are hairs growing beyond the spot, pluck them. Repeat the process on the other eyebrow.

  8. Trim the long hair strands from your eyebrow: Using your mascara brush, brush your eyebrow upwards. Trim the long hairs using the eyebrow scissors so that they fit within the eyebrow line. Brush the eyebrow downwards, trimming the long eyebrow strands to reveal the arch. Brush the eyebrow horizontally to finish. Repeat this process on the other eyebrow.

  9. Remove less to get more. Just follow your natural eyebrow line and pluck away the excess hairs around it. If you remove less hair, you will not need to spend a lot of time maintaining the eyebrows. You will have more time for other things. Otherwise, if you have thick eyebrows, it is essential to thin them out so that they are presentable in shape.

Use alcohol and cotton to sterilize your skin after plucking. You can also reduce the soreness by placing a bag of ice on your freshly plucked eyebrows. This way, learning how to pluck eyebrows will be a minimally uncomfortable process.


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