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How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

If you want your face to appear better groomed, you can pluck your eyebrows to make them look well-formed. Most people think that this is torture because it is a little painful, but it is actually a good way of shaping your eyebrows. In time, you’ll get used to the pain involved in plucking your eyebrows: Your tolerance to pain will increase. Moreover, it won’t cost you a thing, unlike hiring someone to thread or wax your eyebrows. So concentrate your efforts on learning how to pluck your eyebrows:

  1. Choose a durable pair of tweezers. They should be fine-tipped. This will make it easier to single out the hairs that you will be plucking. Also make sure that they are sharp and slanted. Do not go for pointed tweezers because they might pinch your skin as well. Finally, make sure that your tweezers are clean.

  2. Clean your face with warm water before plucking. Warm or hot water will open up your pores, making the hairs easier to pluck. You can also put some lotion on your brows to make the hair softer.

    f you have a pretty low pain tolerance, you can use some numbing gel prior to tweezing. Also make sure that you don’t pluck your brows right after your period, since you are sure to be more sensitive to pain at around that time.

  3. Before you start plucking, make sure you position yourself in a well-lit area, preferably beside the window. Have a mirror on hand. While some people advise you to use a magnifying mirror, it might make you think that there is more hair to remove than there really is. Thus, you risk overplucking your eyebrows. If you want to use a magnifying mirror, make sure you also have a regular mirror so that you can countercheck your actions. Chances are, if you can’t see stray hairs in the regular mirror, no one else will.

  4. Determine the direction of your eyebrows. In general, hair grows in an outward direction, from your nose to your hairline. Brush your eyebrows upwards, in this direction, using an eyebrow brush or even your fingers.

  5. Start tweezing at the arch of your eyebrow. Tweeze the eyebrows in the direction of their growth. Pluck each hair one by one to make sure that you are shaping them the way you want to. You can pluck above and below your eyebrows to give them both a smooth appearance. Just hold your tweezers like you would a pencil, and you can start plucking away.

  6. While plucking, you should know how high to arch your brows. Arching them too high will make you look unnatural. Use your eyebrow pencil to determine your reference points. Each eyebrow should begin above the inner canthus of the eye and end around 45 degrees from the outermost corner of the eye. The peak should be in line with the iris’s outer side.

  7. Pay attention to the space between your eyebrows. It should be equal to the space between your eyes. It can also be a little wider. To know where your brow should start, hold your eyebrow pencil parallel to the outer side of your nostril. Anything beyond the boundary should be plucked.

  8. Repeat this on your other eye. Avoid overplucking.

Once you know how to pluck your eyebrows, make sure that you stand back from the mirror every now and then to assess your work. It is better to have thick eyebrows than sparse ones since eyebrow hair does not grow back easily.


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