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How to Potty Train a Bichon Frise

How to Potty Train a Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is one of the most adorable and smartest dog breeds. These cuddly dogs are mostly chosen by families especially children because they look like huggable stuffed toys. On top of that, they are playful and loving to their owners.  Although they can be hard headed based on experiences of some breeders – perhaps, there are reasons for that. Proper behavior molding is in the hands of the owner.  A well-mannered and good natured dog is often the product of a master who is a sensible disciplinarian. Try these basic methods on how to potty train a bichon frise:

  1. Use crate training technique. Introduce the crate right away once the Bichon arrives home. Be creative to entice your Bichon to fell in love with its crate. You may include some chewable toys, absorbent mat, and bowls for its food and water. It is essential for the dog to have a comfortable crate to sleep or nap.  Make a small open door so that it can easily come in and out of the crate without you opening it all the time. Encourage it with bits of treats to make crating time more fun.

  2. Deter your Bichon Frise to create some mess while learning it’s routine by crating it. You can easily watch over it while doing some household chores. If you are working every day, you can ask somebody to continue the routine for you.  However, it’s just normal to experience unwanted litters around the house in the beginning. Make sure to clean them well so that the Bichon will not have the impression that those areas are its potty spots.

  3. Create your own plan for its housebreaking routine. Upon owning a little Bichon you should discover first how often it needs to go out to potty. Usually, puppy Bichon housebreaks more often than a full grown adult. Start noting the time of its potty activities for the day and set up an achievable program to start with in a regular basis. Gradually increase the time allowance as it grows older.

  4. Place the potty outside the house and lead the Bichon to go to its potty area. You can use an absorbent mat or even old newspapers as its potty. Initiate an uncomplicated command like “come out go potty” every time you call it to go out from its crate to do it.   Use the same word for every time you want it to potty. When the Bichon shows signs to eliminate, utter the command again so that it can relate the action to the words spoken. Follow its schedule regularly until the puppy pees or poops by itself in the proper area.

  5. Make use of an easy commands and encouraging words of praises. You cannot avoid the possibility that the dog barks or struggles once you confine it inside the crate. At first, this irritable situation may persist if you will not commit yourself to correct it at once. Use simple words but say them firmly like “no barking or stop barking” while looking at it directly on its eyes. When the dog stops, praise it joyfully and gently tap its back before directing it to go back to its crate. Eventually, your Bichon will understand that its crate is a secured place for it to stay.

  6. Take your Bichon out to get socialized. Bichon Frises are shy in nature if not always exposed to people or other dogs. You may bring out your Bichon outside the house for a walk every day in order for it to get acquainted with its new environment. Take it to the park with other dogs and let it enjoy playing and running.

Persistent schedule monitoring and constant application of important obedience commands are factors to be successful in training the dog. You’ll have the advantage if you know the above ways on how to potty train a bichon frise.


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