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How to Potty Train a Bulldog

How to Potty Train a Bulldog

Indoor pets must have potty training to keep your place hygienic despite their existence. How to potty train a bulldog requires the right techniques so as not to mislead them. Start as early as possible because they can easily get used to bad habits if you do not impose these guidelines for them to follow at the very beginning. These should include the following:

  1. Arrange a daily roster for you and your pet bulldog. Plan this so that it suits your lifestyle as well as the needs of your pet. Your dog naturally would like to unload soon after waking, after eating, a few hour intervals in between and before retiring for the day. Know this routine so that you can bring the dog outside to do its thing. Pass this on to whoever will care for the dog when you are not around.

  2. Make adjustments for a younger bulldog. It will still need to urinate every now and then because of its tiny bladder. Some pet owners will let them wear diapers in between to make it more manageable. It’s definitely like having a baby in the house.


  3. Do not change your routine often. This will confuse the dog and it will show its discontentment by making a mess anywhere. You are partly to be blamed for this. However, it is not advisable to punish your dog by hurting it.

  4. It is very important to keep your dog’s potty schedule until it is old enough to remember. You’ll know that you’ve potty trained your dog well when it starts to indicate that it needs to go out by going near the door as if asking you to open it. This is also the very reason why you should use the same door every time you let it out during the potty training sessions.

  5. Let it pee always at the same spot so that it can recognize the place the next time it has to go there alone – by smelling its urine. Give credit to your dog when it follows your plan. Simple kind words like “good dog” can encourage it to behave more. Offering treats can also work to your advantage. Just remember that whatever kindness you give to the dog will all come back to you.

  6. Crate train your English bulldog if you are not yet familiar with its potty habits. English bulldogs will not want the smell of their waste inside their sleeping quarters. Just find a crate that accommodates your pet comfortably. Equip it with beddings to keep it warm. By the time it needs to urinate, it will try to get out of the crate. That is how you know when to bring it out. This will work well when you pay attention to your pet. Aside from the potty training, it now has a safe place to relax.

There’s no age limit on how to potty train a bulldog, but the earlier you do it, the better. The dog may already be an adult when you acquire it, but you still have to let it go through the potty training. Bulldogs are lovelier when they are potty trained well.


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