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How to Potty Train a Chihuahua

How to Potty Train a Chihuahua

Potty training is one of the most important lessons you need to establish during your dog’s early weeks. There is a small difference between training big dogs and training little ones like Chihuahuas. Small dogs have small bladders. Hence, they cannot hold their urine for long. Learning how to potty train a Chihuahua will make it easier for you to deal with this. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Potty training is easiest to implement for a young puppy. Make a schedule for your young Chi pup’s potty time. Such a program will gradually work on the dog until the routine registers into its system. Dogs normally go potty every two hours, after their meals, and when they awake. This cannot be applied to your Chihuahua. It needs to urinate more often due to its tiny bladder. So its toileting schedule is more frequent than that of a bigger dog. Adjust the schedule accordingly, setting its potty time for every 20 minutes. Then gradually increase the length of each interval as the young puppy grows older. Follow the same schedule every day.

  2. Teach your puppy using basic commands.

    mmand your dog to get out of its crate while uttering, “Potty time,” or “Go potty.” Lead it to the path you want it to take and wait for a couple of minutes until it finishes peeing or pooping. Then shower it with praises like “Good job,” and reward it with a treat right away. You may bond with it while waiting for the next 20 minutes in order to be consistent in keeping to the schedule. Go out and let it run free outside the house. Teaching it a command randomly while playing with it can be fun. Continue this activity daily until it get used to it.

  3. Be considerate in finding a warm potty area for the Chihuahua during freezing-cold months as Chihuahuas shiver easily during the winter. Make sure it wears a protective sweater and is equipped with a cozy mat during the cold season. It will be hard for it to go outside the house to pee or poo. You may place the potty container on the floor of a room that that can be cleaned easily, for instance the kitchen or laundry room - but near its crate. Leave its crate unlocked so that it can easily go out when it needs to go potty.

  4. Be committed to giving some time and effort to observing and correcting the puppy during its early training. It can’t follow the schedule you set on its own. Establishing its potty time every 20 minutes must be initiated by you until its body responds positively to the routine. If you can’t do the task, ask somebody else or hire a person who can manage the training for you. Potty training should not be delayed. You do not want your young Chi pup to develop bad habits.

  5. Be patient and kind to your little Chihuahua. You’ll ruin the fun of training your puppy by being impatient. Be firm and consistent, but never physically punish your dog if it accidentally makes a mess around the house. Remember that you should observe it closely during its training period. The young pet should be restricted from roaming around the house if it is not yet trained to go potty. Say “No, not good,” with a firm voice while closing the barricade or pointing to the mess it created.

Potty training may not be very easy, but thinking about its wonderful outcome will empower you to achieve good results. Begin the journey today by following the given steps on how to potty train a Chihuahua: Who knows? You might enjoy it.


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