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how to practice yoga

how to practice yoga

Yoga is closely akin to stretching in various poses and sequences of movements. It is believed that regularly doing yoga makes the body physically fit. Yoga is a more holistic approach to exercising the spine in order to lead to emotional stability, stress relief, and considerable weight loss. Structurally, the spine plays a very vital role in promoting the total wellness of the body because it serves to transport messages from the brain to the different parts of the body. For any reason, you might want to learn how to practice yoga. At home, you can do it on your own with the following tips.

  1. Do some research to figure out the type of yoga you like. Instead of attending a yoga class, which may be a little expensive, buy a yoga DVD and watch it at home. Initially, take time watching the different movements. For beginners, either hatha yoga or the vinyasa is fitting. As time goes on, you can do styles that are fancier.

  2. Look for an appropriate space at home.

    You need an open, spacious, and extremely quiet space where you can comfortably spread your yoga mat. It is better if the space you have chosen has hardwood floors.

  3. Learn the yoga basics. The fundamentals of yoga you need to learn are breathing, relaxation, and healthy diet and living. The purpose of breathing is to cultivate the potential of your breath called pranayama yoga. Relaxation is equally important because one of the many ways to achieve good health is to give the body enough time to rest and totally recuperate. Relaxing will allow you to re-establish the harmony of your mind in correlation to your body. In effect, you will be able to release any accumulated tension and stress in your whole being.

    In the past, yogis have come to understand the effects of the kind of food they regularly eat for their physical health, mental state, spiritual life, and emotional balance. Medically speaking, a nutritious and well-balanced diet can energize the body while it drives away diseases. Also, your lifestyle counts a lot. Your daily habits, family relationships, kind of work, and work environment must be in consonance to your drive to stay fit and healthy. Learning yoga simply means re-learning the basic principles of living.

  4. Start your yoga with the neck twist. Over your mat, sit down comfortably with your legs crossed together, chest out, and ensure that your spine is a lot straighter. Fully relax your neck muscles and slowly turn your head to one side and then on the other side up to 10 counts. No need to force your neck. Then allow your neck to fall from one side to another to the count of 10 also. It is a natural occurrence to feel slight cracking in your neck. This neck twist practice will promote blood circulation in the brain while it prepares your body to do spine stretching.

  5. Proceed with cross-over yoga. Sit upright with one leg bent over the other. With your hands slowly twist your body to one side away from the crossed over leg and then repeat with the other side. Then straighten both legs, stretch your hands until you reach your toes.

  6. Continue with the cobra pose. Lie flat stomach down on the floor, ensuring that your feet and legs are closely together. Spread palms on the floor just beneath both shoulders with the fingers pointing outward. Inhale and slowly push upward and lift the head followed by your chest. Both the pelvis and thighs must remain flat on the floor. Hold the pose for five seconds and breathe via your nose and release the air via your mouth. Return to the original pose and repeat the process.

  7. Try the chair pose. Stand and gradually bend your knees and then squat. The position is similar to when you are sitting on your chair. Both legs must not be separated and keep your hip still. Extend both hands forward and look ahead. Hold your balance for 25 seconds and breathe via your nose and release the air via your mouth. Return to your original standing posture while keeping your arms stretched. Then relax your hands slowly. Repeat the process if desired.

  8. Make a vow to yourself. If you want results, you need to commit to your yoga routine regularly. Post a schedule at home, so you are always aware of it no matter what.

As you continue researching on how to practice yoga, you will discover that there are so many yoga postures. Some are very simple, while others are a little bit complex. Keep at it to learn and be able to do more and more.  


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