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How to Prepare for a University Interview

How to Prepare for a University Interview

Having a university degree may sometimes be a slight advantage when applying for a job. A university interview is akin to a job interview wherein you will have to prepare and be at your best. Often, incoming freshmen students are inclined to learn how to prepare for a university interview. The one-on-one interview with the university admission officer is definitely the toughest part of the whole admission process. It is the point where an aspiring freshman may make or break his or her chances of being enrolled. For a successful university interview, follow the steps below.

  1. Research about the university. Getting sufficient information about the university is one thing, while reading about it is another thing. You have to study about the university, the programs that they offer, and the particular course you want to enroll. Usually, the admission officer would ask why you chose to enroll in their university and why you have decided to finish a degree therein. If you can give a short, relevant, and detailed answer to these questions, there is no reason why you would not be admitted.

  2. Prepare for possible questions. Think of the possible questions that the interviewer might ask. List them down with detailed answers. You can seek assistance from students already enrolled in the university; ask them the questions they were asked during their interview.

  3. Be abreast with the current events. The interview process is an open field in which the interviewer can ask you anything relevant to your goal to become a university student. Learn about current events, read news, and talk to other applicants.

  4. Practice with mock interviews. You can ask your friends or even high school teachers to help you prepare for the university interview. Let them ask you possible questions, and answer them the best that you can. In so doing, you can simulate the interview environment as if you are in the actual interview.

  5. Dress appropriately and groom yourself. Physical appearance plays a significant role during the interview. In fact, the interviewer may initially assess your chances based on how you dress, the way you carry yourself, and your overall personal disposition. Make sure that you do have body odor. Get a good haircut and a presentable outfit. Remember, first impression lasts.

  6. Have a positive mental attitude. Before going into the interview, maintain a positive mental attitude; believe that you can get the job done. In accordance with the law of attraction, you have to set your mind that positive energies will come your way, and the negative ones will go away. A strong positive outlook can relieve your fears.

  7. Be calm and act naturally. Being at ease and staying within your comfort zone will make you feel real good. In effect, you can think clearly and answer the questions well. Just be yourself and stand by with your good principles. The interviewer will definitely give merits to your candid answers.

A number of individuals opined that the process on how to prepare for a university interview is very tough. With these steps at hand, there is no reason why you can’t do well. Remember, the proper mindset is very crucial during an interview. Don't panic. Don't think of it as an interview; instead, think of it merely as a casual conversation. There is really nothing complicated about it. When asked a simple question, provide a simple answer too.  


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