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how to prepare for chemotherapy

how to prepare for chemotherapy

Treating cancer through chemotherapy involves the use of toxic medicines for the elimination of cancerous cells. This is the most popular treatment for cancer because it’s proven to slow down the emergence of new cancer cells. However, there are side effects that need to be dealt with efficiently. How to prepare for chemotherapy must be taken into consideration seriously because the patient can easily be depressed when surprised with the difficult changes. There’s a chance also that healthy cells will be affected by the treatment aside from the known side effects such as hair loss, nausea, and many more. Physical changes are nothing compared to the emotional and mental stress that can happen if not prepared. Here are some preparations that must not be taken too lightly:

  1. Never deprive yourself from the nutrients you need from fresh foods. You will need these vitamins and minerals now more than ever. Loss of appetite is evident after chemotherapy. You need to load up on energy-giving foods. Aside from a balanced diet, consume moderate amounts of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

    will need more calories beforehand so that you won’t lose too much weight when your system cannot accommodate your normal intake anymore after the treatment begins.

  2. Be aware that anti-cancer drugs used in chemotherapy may have some mental and emotional effects and not just physical. These can be severe if you are not well-informed about the treatment, its side effects, and corresponding remedies on its after-effects. Expect the worst and prepare for it. Total acceptance for all the changes that may happen will surely ease your burdens. This will also allow you to think better on how to prepare for every change.

  3. Sleep well before chemotherapy. You have to reserve your energy for possible discomforts that the symptoms will bring about. It is important not to become irritable due to a lack of sleep because it will definitely add to your burdens after the treatment. Use your mental powers to surpass the side effects. Your positivity will override the negativity that your body is feeling. You can attain this by concentrating only on the good things in life. Yoga and meditation will help, but take some lessons a few months prior to the scheduled procedure.

  4. Have regular checkups with your dentist before, during, and after chemotherapy because the drugs can also affect your mouth and teeth. Your exhausted body after treatment may discourage you from making a follow-up visit to your dentist, but its better not to give in. Your dental damage can put a strain on your mind making you lose your confidence and self-esteem. Don’t let anxiety ruin you. Make those teeth sparkle so that you can smile at anyone you meet along the way.

  5. Turn the bad news of losing your hair into an exciting opportunity to be fashionable. Wear the finest hats, silky scarves, and attractive wigs the way movie stars and royalty do. The thought of this will take you to another dimension that only you can navigate. You might find out something good about yourself by facing realities with the utmost positivity.

How to prepare for chemotherapy must not be regarded as an unfortunate responsibility. Instead, use the activities for soul searching and bonding with loved ones. Shopping for hair accessories will surely be fun when doing it with a creative friend. Accept all the help that you can get from the people who care about you. You will need them when coping with chemotherapy becomes unbearable.


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