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How to Prepare for College Placement Test

How to Prepare for College Placement Test

A college placement test is an examination tool that determines the readiness of a student to take a particular course. In less general terms, the exam will identify the level of an incoming college student’s academic skills. Students will be properly advised in making a decision. And the school authorities are able to place the students in suitable classes based on their academic records and ability. Indeed, how to prepare for college placement test is a big question on the minds of most incoming freshmen college students. Being a top-notch high school student is not a guarantee that you will be fine when taking a college placement test. Like any other examinations, it requires thorough preparation. Bear in mind that the exam is comprehensive; thus, you need knowledge in every subject. The steps below will help  you do well on a college placement test.

  1. Inquire about the test. Call the college registrar’s office and ask for details about the exam. Ask when and where the exam will be held, as well as the subjects that will be covered.

    doing so, you can prepare better not just physically but mentally as well.

  2. Prepare diligently. The level of your preparation depends on your overall abilities. Some prepare for a month or two, while others prepare for a few weeks or days. Nonetheless, thorough preparation is still necessary. In other words, mental, physical, and psychological preparedness are key factors in order to do well.

  3. Secure relevant reading materials. Avoid reading too many books and notes; reading relevant materials is enough. Look for college placement test reviewers and samples. Since the review time is very limited, focus on the most relevant topics and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  4. Make a study time schedule. Allocate a specific number of hours each day on every subject. Evaluate yourself. Focus more on the subjects that you’re bad at. Truly, being able to divide your study time will help you comprehensively cover all subjects..

  5. Take time to relax. This is to rejuvenate your mind. You need to be healthy mentally as well as emotionally. Give yourself a break and indulge in stress-relieving activities. Eat healthy foods. Most importantly, get enough sleep. The exams can be more of a psychological battle than one of intelligence.

  6. Think positive. Maintain a positive mental attitude. Do not entertain negative thoughts about the exams; instead, condition yourself to think that everything you have worked hard for will work out.

  7. Prepare a complete exam kit ahead of time. The exam kit should contain sharpened pencils, pens, a calculators, and extra paper. Also, prepare emergency medicine. If you have allergies, get anti-histamines. Don’t forget to bring light food and mineral water.

  8. Stay calm during exams. Manage your anxiety as you take the exam. You can answer better when your mind is not tense.

Not everyone knows how to prepare for college placement test. If you want to pass the placement exam on your first attempt, the price to pay may not be easy. However, by merely following the above-mentioned steps, the battle is already half over. Just prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Above all, believe that there is only one thing that’ certain—that you will do well.


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