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How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal gives hairy individuals a more bearable option for removing their hair than waxing or plucking. It is not a scary process at all, but knowing how to prepare for laser hair removal is important. It helps to minimize irritation during and after the process. Ask a dermatologist to brief you regarding the procedure and the care needed. The following suggestions will help prepare you for a session:

  1. Schedule a visit to a dermatologist for consultation regarding laser hair removal. It’s ideal to do this during winter or when you have no other choice. Avoid getting exposed to the sun or going out when it is at its strongest at least a month prior to the actual session. If you can’t avoid this, always wear a sunscreen with a high SPF level.

  2. Do not bleach, wax, or pluck hairs from the areas where you intend to do laser hair removal at least one month before the scheduled session. Failing to follow this advice will hinder the destruction of the hair follicles responsible for regrowth, thus facilitating quick recurrence.

    he required number of sessions may have to be increased to achieve permanent hairlessness if this happens.

  3. Do as your dermatologist recommends: Shave the area that you want to treat with laser hair removal two days before the appointment. It must be shaved in such a way that the remaining hair pigments can still be viewed. The advance shaving is necessary for your own comfort. Many individuals who have tried the laser procedure with longer hairs in the past have felt pain.

  4. Buy the prescribed preventative drugs and take them as advised. These may include antiviral and antibiotic medications that are normally administered orally. They will help you avoid possible infections during or after treatment.

  5. Note that your skin will be cleaned prior to treatment. Cosmetics, creams, deodorants and lotions will be removed. It should remain that way even after the procedure.

  6. On the day of the treatment, wear soft, breathable clothing that exposes the part which will be the focus of laser hair removal. Generally, it is better to wear something loose. Choose a dark color for your clothes so that they don’t get stained if contact with the medicinal creams is unavoidable.

  7. Be cooperative when anesthetic is applied by the laser technician to the designated area just before the laser is turned on. This is for your own comfort. It will prevent you from feeling the tingling sensation or pain that can be brought on by the burning of hair follicles. A warm compress also serves this purpose. Shaving again may be necessary, but this comes down to the discretion of the technician.

  8. Wear the protective eyewear the right way. Comply with all the regulations because they are for your own good. Be as nice as possible to the staff attending to you because you will likely go back for a series of laser hair removal sessions. Expect the minimum 10% hair reduction rate for every session. This will give you about 10 follow-up visits. Consider yourself lucky if you became permanently hair-less before the expected number of sessions.

These guidelines on how to prepare for laser hair removal must not be ignored. You do not want the dermatologist to deny you treatment. The credibility of the procedure is at stake when you don’t follow the guidelines, because its effectiveness is limited. But only you suffer from the consequences of non-compliance. Note that you will have the best results possible if your skin is light in tone and your hair dark.


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