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How to Prevent Acne Breakouts Fast

How to Prevent Acne Breakouts Fast

Just when you thought adolescence was over and you wouldn’t have any acne problems anymore, think again. Acne is a very common skin problem that is dreaded by many, not just those approaching puberty or adolescence. In fact, anyone can get acne, and every person has a different trigger for acne. It can be caused by hormone imbalances, stress, certain foods, medications, vitamin deficiencies, bacteria, and even genes. The good news is that you can prevent breaking out if you lead a healthy lifestyle and provide your skin with the care that it deserves. To help you out, here are some tips on how to prevent acne breakouts.

  1. Wash your face. You should practice washing your face with facial wash or mild soap at least twice a day to avoid irritating your skin and to keep your skin free of germs. This is especially true for people who have oily skin. If other areas of your body are affected, you should wash them as well. However, keep in mind that too much washing and rubbing can make your acne worse. That being said, you should avoid abrasive facial cleansers.

    A regular skin care routine should not be taken for granted.

  2. Keep your skin moisturized. If you are applying anti-acne products on your skin, keep in mind that they have a tendency to dry your skin. To minimize dryness and skin peeling, apply moisturizer to your skin. To choose the right moisturizer, look for the “noncomedogenic” label. This means that it does not cause acne and is actually safe for sensitive and oily skin.

  3. Avoid using too much makeup. Makeup can cause acne breakouts, especially if you have sensitive skin. Do not use heavy makeup. If you can’t help but put on makeup, choose hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic kinds, such as oil-free cosmetics without added chemicals or dyes. It is also helpful to read the list of ingredients before buying. At the end of the day and before going to sleep, do not forget to wash your face thoroughly and remove all traces of makeup.

  4. Stay out of the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can actually cause inflammation and redness on your skin. Try to avoid exposing your skin to the sun, especially between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, since these are the times that the ultraviolet rays are the strongest. If you do go out, do not forget to wear protective clothing and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

  5. Avoid picking your pimples. If you already have pimples, do not pick at them or squeeze them because this can lead to infection and possible scarring. Just apply anti-acne medication on them so that they do not get infected. If you want to get a facial treatment, make sure that the tools used on your face are sterilized and free from any bacteria.

  6. Eat a good diet and exercise. Eating healthy can help you achieve glowing skin. Avoid junk foods and oily foods to prevent acne breakouts. Instead, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can help rejuvenate your skin cells because they contain vitamins and minerals. Exercising can also help improve the overall condition of your skin.

It is best to prevent acne rather than trying to get rid of it after the fact. Knowing how to prevent acne breakouts fast means knowing how to take good care of your skin. Do so, and you avoid the embarrassing and annoying acne flare ups.


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