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how to prevent arthritis in fingers

how to prevent arthritis in fingers

Everything that exists in the world needs a sort of balance, and this does not exclude our fingers. Electronic gadgets often force us to use certain fingers repeatedly while operating tools to aid us in our business and pleasure activities. If you’ve noticed some fingers locking up with matching pain, it’s time to learn something about how to prevent arthritis in fingers before it’s too late. Here are steps to do just that:

  1. Observe proper posture while doing activities. If you are confined in one certain position for long hours while working, such as computing, typing, or operating mixers, get a chair that will support your back structure. Arms are rested while fingers are used alternatively. Avoid assigning one finger to be used for all keys or channels. This is to avoid repetitive gestures that will misalign certain fingers from their normal placements.

  2. Do not allow your fingers to clasp and squeeze objects regularly for a long period. Factory workers will have no choice but to perform repeated hand gestures to support the process of manufacturing products over and over again.

    spite the uniformed procedure, there will always be time for stretching the fingers alternatively. You just have to know the benefit of doing it.

  3. Make use of ergonomic ideals when selecting tools to be used at work or at play. Ergonomically designed tools are created to enhance proper body movements while using them. Why choose a joy stick with a limited hand motion when there’s the arcade type that involves various movements of the fingers? It is amazing how your choice can influence your chances of getting arthritis.

  4. Give your hands and fingers the exercise they need. The pain in one finger is a pain of the whole body. Give them a break every now and then to condition their movements. Stretching them to the opposite sides in contrast to the directions used often will put them into a neutral position. Massaging them can also be a soothing measure. Do not ignore the pain felt in your hands.  It may be a symptom of a bigger problem. Apply a soothing balm to alleviate the pain temporarily.

  5. Be gentle with your hands and fingers. Forceful gestures can strain your fingers and, if done regularly, will create harmful stress resulting in arthritis. Writing excessively with force is very common among students. They are more likely to be the ones who can acquire the condition before retirement age.

  6. Be aware of your hand movements. Take note that strenuous hand routines can deform your fingers. Over-using them will soon take its toll in the form of disfigured and disabled fingers. You can always avoid this by being aware in terms of the positioning of your hands and fingers properly while doing your tasks. They can develop wear-and-tear quickly when appropriate care is not applied. Do not wait until you can’t lift a finger anymore.  Care for them immediately when there’s still no major damage done.

  7. Lubricate your fingers by drinking a lot of water. Daily supplements with chondroitin sulfate, MSM, vitamins C and D, glucosamine, and boron contents are also recommended because these can make your joints stronger. The appearance of your hands shows whether they are being abused or loved by their owner.

How to prevent arthritis in fingers requires only your initiative.  There’s no major resources needed to make it happen. You can’t just replace a damaged finger with another one. Prevent them from malfunctioning because they are irreplaceable. You’ll know better when you get older, but it can be too late to start nurturing them by then.


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