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how to prevent asthma

how to prevent asthma

Allergic reactions trigger asthma attacks. Most of these allergens can be found in the house because pollution is much higher indoors than outdoors. Asthma is normally inherited genetically. The symptoms can be controlled when you know what causes the reaction that could expand severely. Discover how to prevent asthma attacks at home first for a more pleasurable time with family then expand further. Here are some steps on how to prevent asthma.

  1. Free your dwelling of dust. Curtains, carpets, and drapes must be cleaned and washed regularly at least once a week. Bedding and stuffed toys that have direct contact with users must also be washed more frequently than that. Air-conditioning units and electric fans can store substantial amount of dusts.  Regular maintenance work is very important for these cooling tools.

  2. Avoid being a secondhand smoker. Secondhand smoking is really bad for everybody’s health. Asthmatic individuals are more sensitive, not only to the smoke itself, but also to the smell of the things that are exposed to it.

    he irritating smell that stays on hair, clothes, and skin are major triggers of asthma. Create a non-smoking territory because even smoking outside the house won’t be a solution. The fumes can still be carried in by the air.

  3. Do not allow indoor pets inside the bedroom. Cats and dogs are notorious asthma initiators. Their cuddly nature makes us forget that we can be allergic to their fur. It is best to eliminate the risks of asthma attacks especially during sleeping times. Suffocation can happen if we are not helpful. Remember that this condition can also be deadly if not managed properly.

  4. Create an effective pest control habit. Cockroaches can pester your home no matter how diligently you clean them. Just don’t be too inviting for them to sneak into your home. Always take the trash out before the day is over. Never leave excess food out of the refrigerator especially during the wee hours. Drainages and waterways are favorite hideouts of cockroaches. Make sure that they are well-maintained and free from obstruction.

  5. Wear an air mask when walking or traveling in polluted cities. Home confinement is definitely not possible just to avoid asthma attacks. We all have our share of duties and responsibilities in life. Going to work, school, or running errands like grocery shopping are part of our lives. We should be able to do them with some precautions allowing us not to suffer from asthma reactions when we are away from home.

  6. Plan your travel arrangements with some health considerations. Travel by car early in the morning to avoid irritants caused by the sun. Open the windows for at least ten minutes to regulate the air inside the vehicle. Book a non-smoking room for your hotel accommodations. Avoid activities that would expose you to pollens especially when spending the holidays with children.

  7. Always consult your doctor regarding asthma preventive prescriptions. Never practice self-medication. Anti-histamine medicines might be helpful to prevent asthmatic conditions. Your doctor knows what’s best for you. Make sure to report any progress or other reactions on your follow-up visit to be more comfortable. You may already need some asthma medications when experiencing wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

There’s a big difference enjoying your vacation when all members are in good health. Asthma attacks can ruin the whole thing when you are not prepared with your first-aid kit. Consider this information on how to prevent asthma to give you an idea what to do to make everybody safe from it. If it does occur for anyone without the history of the condition, at least you’ll know what triggers it and how to provide quick relief to the affected person.


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