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How to Prevent Body Odor

How to Prevent Body Odor

No matter how much you strive to smell pleasant all the time, there will be times when you don’t smell the way you want to. Naturally, you will want to get rid of your body odor. The sweat itself does not smell, but the culprit is the bacteria on your skin that break down your sweat into acids. Therefore, your goal in preventing body odor is to keep the areas of your body that are prone to sweating free of bacteria. These areas include your armpits, genital areas, and feet. If you want to learn how to prevent body odor, here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Take a bath or shower every day. It is important to bathe at least once a day in order to eliminate the bacteria that cause body odor. When you bathe, make sure you focus on the areas that are prone to sweating. Always use soap or shower gel and scrub your body thoroughly.

  2. Use antiperspirants rather than deodorants. While it is true that deodorants reduce the stink, they mainly act by masking the smell of your body. You still sweat a lot and the bacteria still breaks your sweat down into acids.

    What you can do is apply an antiperspirant instead to prevent excessive sweating, thereby not giving the normal flora in your body the chance to act upon your sweat. Besides, most antiperspirants have deodorant components as well. It is actually better to apply an antiperspirant at bedtime to give the product a chance to work on your skin while you are not sweating. Applying antiperspirants after showering in the morning just might wash your antiperspirant away, leaving you defenseless against excessive daytime sweating.

  3. Keep your clothes clean. Always keep in mind to change your clothes every day. Make it a point to wash your underwear after every use, though bras are an exception. It is okay to repeat clothes, but you should definitely wash them once they get dirty or sweaty. In addition, you should store your clothes in clean and well-ventilated places. Make it a point to open your cabinets and drawers every once in a while to let your clothes breathe. You may also consider lining your drawers with scented paper or hanging your clothes instead of folding them.

  4. Make some dietary modifications. One of the causes of body odor may be the food that you eat. It is linked to the waste products in your body, so what you eat also reflects on how you smell. If the food that you eat is unhealthy, your digestion will not be very good and you will excrete unpleasant odors as waste products. You can prevent this from happening by avoiding fast foods and other processed foods since they contain chemicals that are not good for your body.

  5. Change your detrimental habits. If you are a smoker, it’s high time that you consider quitting, as cigarette smoke can easily attach to your clothing. Moreover, it can cause bad breath, which is a kind of body odor. Aside from not smoking, you should also use dental floss every day and brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Knowing how to prevent body odor can help you make the necessary changes in your life in order to avoid having an unpleasant body smell. Body odor can have a negative impact on your personality and can also lower your self-esteem. If you want to feel good about yourself, you should solve your body odor problem first and foremost. It all starts with keeping your body clean at all times.


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