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how to prevent brain cancer

how to prevent brain cancer

The brain controls all our bodily functions including all the processes essential to living, both voluntary and involuntary. It is the control tower of the body, if you will. Therefore, if it were to be compromised in any way, it would be debilitating and if untreated, life threatening. Perhaps the reason why our body is designed to protect the brain against external forces with the skull is to be able to resist and withstand considerable vertical and horizontal stresses. However, there are still several instances wherein the brain is endangered despite the natural protection of the skull. Head injuries from motor and vehicular accidents or falls for example could damage brain tissue resulting to varied neurological compromises and bodily dysfunctions. What is more dangerous is when the brain becomes compromised from the inside such as in cases of aneurysms or growths in the brains. Brain cancer is one such occurrence wherein a growth occurs in the brain that becomes malignant and life threatening. Brain cancer is the result when cells divide and multiply at an abnormally fast rate and crowds out healthy cells by taking over space and nutrients.

Cancer occurs the same way regardless of where it originates, but it is particularly dangerous in the brain because the malignant growth could push parts of the brain against the skull resulting to the compromise of the function of that part of the brain. Learning how to prevent brain cancer is of prime importance for any individual. One cannot rely on the skull or protective head gear to chase away the possibility of endangering this crucial body organ. Here are steps to follow in preventing brain cancer from developing:

  1. Know your family’s medical history. Understanding your genetic predispositions and being well-abreast with your family’s medical history can help you prepare for any medical eventuality. Your genes may be your risk factor for developing drain cancer. This knowledge helps you focus your diet and lifestyle against any conditions you are genetically at risk to develop. As with any disease, early detection determines the lifespan and quality of life for the patient with brain cancer.

  2. Avoid chemical exposure. Some chemicals have been identified to be carcinogenic or cancer causing. Vinyl chloride for example is associated with a large number of brain cancer cases. You must avoid exposure to industrial or chemical plants as these factories might emit carcinogenic substances into the air you breathe.

  3. Avoid radiation exposure. Children who have been exposed to therapeutic cancer (or radiation that is used for treating a disease) have been proven to have a higher risk for developing cancer later in life. Radiation exposure to the body, especially to the head must be avoided as much as possible.

    Using cell phones for wrong period of times is suspected of increasing your risk for developing brain cancer. Although studies have yet to produce conclusive results regarding this, electromagnetic radiation is emitted to your ear and eventually to your brain every time you use your mobile phone. Keep up with developments in medical research regarding this and keep your mobile phone use to a minimum.

  4. Get annual check-ups. To make sure you are healthy and not developing anything that might lead to cancer, get regular check-ups.

  5. Do not drink and smoke. Drinking alcohol and smoking have both been proven to contribute to your risk factor for almost all types of cancer. Smoking in particular makes you inhale several carcinogenic substances such as benzene, which is known to cause lung cancer. Since brain cancer can also be metastatic (cancer that originated in a different part of the body and spread to the brain), it is in your health’s best interest to avoid these destructive vices.

At the end of the day, the best lesson to learn in knowing how to prevent brain cancer and any other disease for that matter is to live healthy. Maintain good circulation and a healthy supply of endorphins by living an active lifestyle and by exercising regularly. Facilitate good nutrition and good detoxification by eating the right kinds of food and by drinking lots of healthy fluids and water. Although cancer cannot be prevented completely, living healthy is still your best chance against threat to your health.


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