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How To Prevent Breast Cancer

How To Prevent Breast Cancer

Lifestyle changes can stop breast cancer even if you belong to a high-risk group genetically. No wonder most of the details on how to prevent breast cancer involve proper daily habits above all. The association of a healthy mind and body also plays a great deal with the development of this deadly disease for women. This can also happen to men. It’s really true that negative energies can ruin not only our day but also our body. Here are steps on how to prevent breast cancer.

  1. Do not allow your weight to get out of control. Getting older will be more difficult if you have to carry around excessive weight. Midlife weight gain is dangerous. It can make you prone to breast cancer. The statistics of breast cancer among post-menopausal women is relatively high. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you mature to prevent breast cancer.

  2. Make no excuses to include alcohol in your life. Control your alcohol consumption to the minimum if you can’t eliminate it totally. Alcohol drinkers are candidates for breast cancer.

    e more you consume on a daily basis, the higher is the percentage of your risk. Love yourself by staying away from alcohol.

  3. Eat fresh fruits and raw or slightly cooked vegetables. Herbivorous human beings are far less susceptible to diseases, including breast cancer. Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are not rare, but they can protect the body from developing cancerous cells making breast cancer difficult to develop. Citrus, berries, and cherries are delightfully delicious but, most of all, they can serve as breast cancer protection very well.

  4. Make exercise a priority first thing in the morning. Moderate body movements enhance proper blood flow. All you need is a 15- to 30-minute basic workout to be incorporated into your daily schedule. Once you are used to it, you can’t live without it. You will begin to feel that you are becoming younger than your age. It is also very noticeable to the people around you. Exercising your way away from breast cancer is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

  5. Choose the right kind of fats so as not to develop breast cancer. Oils from salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, lake trout, and herring can be maximized. These are called Omega-3 fats. Canola, olive, and avocado oils, or monounsaturated oils, are known to have anti-cancer properties. Anti-oxidant polyphenols and selenium, which is a cancer protective mineral, are found in these oils.

  6. Avoid white carbohydrates. If it is white, it can never be good for your body. White flour, sugar, and rice initiate hormonal changes that trigger breast tissue growth. Healthy alternatives such as beans, legumes, and whole grains will be the best.

  7. Switch to organic, non-genetically modified soy products. They have breast cancer reducing capabilities according to prominent studies. They can be eaten as tofu, roasted soy nuts, soy milk, plus many more.

  8. Be careful when taking estrogens. Do not take any if not prescribed by your attending physician. Pesticides and industrial chemicals found in vegetation have the same effect as estrogens to the body. They can cause the development of breast cancer cells the same as residual hormones like non-organic dairy products, meat, and poultry.

  9. Supplement your lack of nutrients. You should not fall short of your multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, and fish oil supplies. Make sure to tell your doctor about the supplements that you are taking for further advice should you have any other prescriptions.

  10. Do not deprive yourself of sleep. Our body needs some rest after many hours of being awake. Sleeping at night is more satisfactory than daytime rest.  Make the most of it regularly.

This listing on how to prevent breast cancer can work better when applied with positive attitudes. Nothing is more stress-free than having good relationships with the people around you.


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