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how to prevent bug bites

how to prevent bug bites

Bugs just have a way of bugging us. Their painful bites can cause itching, swelling and discomfort. It’s helpful to know how to prevent bug bites – both for your comfort and health. By taking some general precautions, you can enjoy nature as well as keep your home safe from the risk of bug bites. Bugs come from an order called Hemiptera or true bugs. There are thousands of kinds of bugs. While not all prey on human blood, certain families under the Hemiptera Order do. Some bugs bite while others sting, and some bugs feed on their prey unnoticed, such as the bed bug. Prevention is better than cure. In relation to bugs, you can avoid nasty bites by following a few preventative measures.

  1. When going outdoors, choose the right color to wear. Bugs are usually attracted to extreme colors, such as bright yellow, orange and blue. They also love the darker shades, especially black. Instead, try dressing in neutral shades.

  2. Wear loose clothing, rather than fitted clothes. If a bug bites through your clothes, looser clothing will protect you.

    hen wearing loosely fitting clothes, a bug is more likely to only bite your clothing, rather than reaching your skin as well. Tight clothing does not allow for as much of a barrier between your skin and your clothing.

  3. Apply insect repellant that contains DEET. Spraying this on your body can repel insects. You can spray it on your clothes for added protection. Be sure the product is safe to use on children before applying it to young ones.

  4. When participating in outdoor activities, do so on bright and sunny days. Insects do not usually like the heat of the sun and would rather stay in damp, cold places. Even during optimal weather, insect repellants can still be used as a precaution.

  5. Always check your house for bugs. Bed bugs can cause significant problems and they prefer to have that comfortable climate in your home, especially your mattress where they can feed on you whenever possible. Frequently moving your furniture can also prevent insects from settling down. If you discover that bugs have infested your home, call professionals to deal with it.

  6. During the season when bugs are most prevalent, it’s best to keep your doors and windows close. You can also opt to install screens in your windows to keep insects from getting in while still being able to enjoy fresh air from the outside. If you already have screens in your homes, make sure that there are no tears, not even a small one.

  7. If you have pets, such as dogs or cats, regularly give them flea treatments as advised by your veterinarian. By doing this, you not only protect your pets but also yourself and your home.

  8. Make your yard a bug-free yard. Keep your grass and plants trimmed. This way, sunlight can reach your yard and discourage insects from your yard. Also, check for any stagnant water in the area. These are the places that bugs thrive on.

By taking these precautions, you can learn how to prevent bug bites. This will minimize your risk of infection and other health complications as well as protect your family. If despite these measures you still find a serious bug bite, contact a health care professional.


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