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how to prevent colon cancer

how to prevent colon cancer

We already know by now that colon cancer is caused by the wrong kinds of food. So does that mean that if you totally change to a healthy diet, including fiber sources, low-fat proteins, and loads of Vitamin D that you’re already safe from the disease? Don’t be too sure. Genetics, age, and a lack of physical activities also play a great role. It is advisable then for people above 50 years old to have a colonoscopy screening. This is a brilliant tip on how to prevent colon cancer when approaching the twilight years. Here are more ways to prevent the disease: The early identification of precancerous growths can only be detected through a colonoscopy. This screening is specifically designed for colon cancer. Polyps taken from both side of the colon will be subject to further testing to come up with the right treatment of the condition. However, aside from colonoscopy screening, prevent the build-up of colon cancer by making it a habit to do the following:

  1. Sunlight is the main provider of Vitamin D. If you live in an area where there’s not much sunlight, make sure to take supplements of Vitamin D.

    will aid the calcium absorption that is the key to strong bones and teeth aside from preventing colon cancer.

  2. A full fiber diet with low saturated fats but rich in vitamins is a winner. You don’t really have to be a vegetarian, but balancing your intake of meats with vegetables will regulate blood flow and pressure.

  3. Increase your carcinogen consumption. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are great sources of carcinogens. They are antioxidants also. Broccoli and onions are not only anti-cancer but are also delicious ingredients for steamed or sautéed vegetable dishes. Berries, oats, and green tea will compose one perfect snack and will also decrease the colon cancer risk.

  4. People who are genetically prone to cancer can take refuge in folate foods. Citrus fruits, nuts, and strawberries are some of the sources that are also good finger foods. Leafy greens, asparagus, and legumes are no doubt foods rich in folate.

  5. Indulge in mackerel and salmon, but do not deep-fry them. Steamed, baked, or grilled are the recommended cooking procedures, but to not burn them. Omega-3 fatty acids are valiant in combatting cancerous cells. Salmon are better eaten fresh.

  6. By all means, reduce the intake of dairy products, un-skinned poultry, and red meats. They are high in saturated fats especially when meats are cooked in high temperatures. Avoid soot from grilled meat. Burned or overcooked proteins should not be eaten anymore so as not to endanger one’s health. It’s better to put them in the trash than sacrifice your colon.

  7. It’s better not to have alcohol in the body. However, you should limit yourself to one or two glasses per day. Women’s tolerable alcohol intake must be lower than that of men’s. Perhaps a glass of red wine a day is not that bad. Minimum red wine consumption may have some benefits. Opt for this instead because it is healthy for the heart.

Most colon cancer patients did not have obvious symptoms until the cancer has already spread. Early screening should be the top priority on how to prevent colon cancer. Aspirin has been found to have the ability to reduce polyps. Once diagnosed with the condition, the doctor may include aspirin in his prescription. It is said to help ease the symptoms of colon cancer as well as heart disease. A maximum of one tablet a day should do it.


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