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how to prevent constipation

how to prevent constipation

It’s not a pleasant experience spending a lot of time on the toilet desperately trying to move your bowels. Constipation may be a common occurrence, but this gastrointestinal condition can be prevented. When food is moving slowly through the digestive cycle, the hardened stool will be painful and difficult to eliminate. How to prevent constipation is then a very helpful know-how to be able to point out the bad habits leading to it. Here are the basic behavior modifications we should all do:

  1. Include at least 30 grams of fiber in your regular food intake. Fiber foods can only be digested partially, and this is helpful when the byproducts reach the large intestine. This is where their swelling capability is helpful because they will make the hardened waste products watery which makes them softer. Almost all vegetables like fresh carrots and mixed greens are rich in fiber. Raw vegetables are the best. Fruits like berries and apples are the same. Oatmeal, cereals, and other wheat products are also good.

  2. Drink sufficient amounts of liquid every day.

    The two liters of liquid can be a combination of water, fresh juices, and other unsweetened beverages. Alcoholic drinks are not included. They can dehydrate the digestive system. Light teas have some cleansing elements but do not make them too dark. Limit milk consumption between one or two glasses a day. Start your day by drinking a glass of water or juice on an empty stomach.

  3. Include exercise as an important part of your daily routine. Brisk walking or jogging around your neighborhood or at a nearby park is ideal. It motivates you to do it every morning when you see other people doing it too. If you are a homebody, stretching and floor exercises will do. If you are into yoga, the better. Going to the gym regularly also helps to maintain your physique and resistance.

  4. Limit the usage of fats or oils in your kitchen. Ten grams of pure vegetable oil, such as olive oil, is enough for your vegetable salad per day. Preparing a dish with oil must also be limited to ten grams a day or two teaspoons of palm oil, for example. Sandwich spreads such as peanut butter and margarine should only be two teaspoons daily. Intake of very fatty delicacies must not exceed one portion a day such as deep-fried foods and desserts.

  5. Balance your meat consumption to a maximum of 120 grams per portion not more than 4 times a week. Alternate with fish at least once a week. Processed meats must be limited to once a week only because it is very unhealthy eating ham or bacon every breakfast. They cannot provide the benefits we get from fresh meats. Three eggs weekly are already sufficient to avoid too much cholesterol. Offal servings using liver or kidneys can be served occasionally or once a month.

  6. Be aware of anti- and pro-constipating foods. Lactic acid combats constipation. Yogurt and kefir have high contents of lactic acid. You’ll be more constipated if you continue eating bananas, chocolate, cooked carrots, and refined, white rice.

How to prevent constipation is a matter of lifestyle changes. Children can benefit greatly from mothers who are very particular about the right preparations of the family’s menu on a regular basis. If constipation still exists despite applying the above suggestions, it is important to have a medical checkup with your doctor. It may be a symptom of another internal disorder other than constipation. How nice life is without the fear of being constipated!


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