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how to prevent diabetes

how to prevent diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the sugar levels in the blood become unstable. Said instability is caused by the failure of the pancreas to produce insulin. Too much sugar in the body and a lack of exercise are the two main factors that greatly increase the risk of contracting diabetes. Therefore, how to prevent diabetes requires a healthy diet and the regular performance of cardiovascular activities. Diabetes is inherently incurable once it sets in, although its effects and complications can be controlled. Individuals afflicted with diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2, have to endure it for a lifetime. Trying to keep the blood sugar levels within a normal range remains a challenge each day. What constitutes an appropriate diabetes diet and proper exercise? There are too many types of foods that should be consumed in moderation or, perhaps, avoided to prevent the development of diabetes. In like manner, there are also foods that should be eaten to promote a diabetes-free body. Moreover, the body must sweat out and burn calories to avoid diabetes. Below are important guidelines in preventing diabetes:

  1. Understand diabetes.

    Complete awareness about the disease is important. It is a matter of knowing your enemy so you can position your counterattacks properly. Recognize the common signs and symptoms of the disease such as frequent urination, pressure to urinate with minimal results, and light to moderate abdominal pain while urinating.

  2. Do not skip breakfast. A healthy and nutritious breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Pack your stomach with a healthy meal to fuel your body throughout the day. While you enjoy eating your favorite dishes, eat moderately. It is recommended that you drink a glass of fresh, fruit juice every morning.

  3. Eat healthy snacks in between meals. The body must be fed with healthy foods in regular intervals to avoid getting hungry. Once the stomach is hungry, the brain will send a signal telling you to eat and consume more food which could lead to the rise of your sugar levels. Thus, eating healthy snacks in between meals can prevent you from eating too much during mealtime. Your snacks must not be made of refined sugar, simple carbohydrates, fats and trans fats. Avoid foods that have a high, LDL cholesterol content.

  4. Regulate calorie intake. This can help in maintaining weight or in losing weight. Excess calories are transformed into fats which can lead to weight gain. By keeping a daily food diary, you can monitor your calorie intake and can determine your appropriate calorie requirements. Read product labels too to know if your calorie needs are met.

  5. Adopt a low-glycemic index diet. Eating foods that have a low-glycemic index allows the body to work harder and spend more energy in order to extract the needed sugar. In short, the body is burning calories while digesting these foods. Common examples of low glycemic foods include: brown rice, whole grains, and all other fibrous foods. Therefore, foods that have a high-glycemic index are not good choices. The sugar found in them is easily broken down; hence, they can easily speed up blood sugar levels.

  6. Exercise regularly. Physical exercise helps in managing your weight which is necessary in preventing diabetes, especially type 2. Trimming or maintaining your weight requires a good exercise plan which should be religiously followed. It is not necessary to enroll in a fitness center, although you really can if you like. After all, having a fitness coach to guide you is an advantage. But brisk walking in the morning, yoga, light jogging, treadmill exercises at home, and dancing are more than enough to make you physically fit.

Indeed, diet and exercise are the undisputed factors that play a major role in how to prevent diabetes. Before diabetes hits you, prevent it from occurring. Follow these steps and enjoy a diabetes-free life.


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