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how to prevent diabetes in children

how to prevent diabetes in children

Diabetes is increasing at a rapid rate for all age groups. But it’s particularly alarming among children, because diabetes is a big challenge for adults, let alone for children. Kids’ unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles unfortunately increase their risk of getting diabetes at a young age. Therefore, it is important for parents to know how to prevent diabetes in children in order to help them acquire healthy habits that will benefit them all their lives.

  1. Start from the womb. Babies develop their taste buds from 15 weeks. They can taste what you eat, and they can develop a sweet tooth even before being born. Taking lots of sweet foods during pregnancy will not only accustom their taste buds to sweets, it will also make your baby crave more sweets and be unsatisfied with only a little of it. If you’re not careful, your pregnancy diet could give you a problem even before your baby comes out.

  2. Develop their taste for natural flavors. In infancy, babies taste traces of your meals from your breast milk.

    you would need to keep watching your diet. Formula is usually sweetened, which is one advantage of using breast milk as it’s not artificially sweetened and so much healthier, but you negate that advantage if your diet is high in sugary foods and drinks. When your baby progresses to solid foods, prepare his food yourself, rather than buying them from the grocery. Nothing beats freshly-prepared food for flavor and nutrition. Buying baby food from the grocery will accustom your baby to sweets and the taste of processed food that’s difficult to replicate at home, making him finicky.

  3. Get your children used to drinking 100% pure fruit juice, and limit their intake to four to six ounces a day. Do not sweeten their milk. Ban candy and soda (even sports drinks) from the house. If you have the means and willpower, do not make candy a part of their lives, at least until all their baby teeth are gone. If you can do this, your children will likely not develop a taste for sweets.

  4. Don’t use sweets as a bribe. Your children will develop an association between sweets, rewards, and feeling good, and set themselves up for an emotional attachment to food that will be difficult to overcome.

  5. Allow them to eat as little as they like. If you hate seeing food go to waste, teach your children to get only as much food as they think they can eat. Don’t pile food on their plate and order them to eat it all. One problem with overweight children is the misconception of parents that chubby cheeks and baby fat are cute. Children are cute, period. Obesity is not cute. Let children determine how much to eat so they will learn to listen to their bodies’ signals about being full.

  6. Plan your family’s meals to use food and ingredients that are high in non-fat and low-fat content, whole grains and legumes, omega-3 rich fish, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Use fresh ingredients as much as possible, and stay away from processed food, especially meat.

  7. Make play and exercise a regular part of your family routine. They need to exercise regularly so it will be established as a lifelong habit. Getting them involved in sports is a good start, and if they see you exercising, they will be motivated to continue doing it into adulthood.

Diet and weight are major factors in causing diabetes. Therefore, it is important to keep children from developing a sweet tooth and an unhealthy attitude towards food. If they’re not used to sweet food, they won’t know what they’re missing and won’t crave it. It is actually as simple as that. Remember, no effort is ever too much for our children’s health. These steps will not only tell you how to prevent diabetes in children, they will help your family be healthy, as well.


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