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How to Prevent Dog Allergies

How to Prevent Dog Allergies

The key to figuring out how to prevent dog allergies is to focus on eradicating the agents that trigger them or on staying away from the culprit. But can you avoid being involved with your pet dog in a daily basis? Perhaps not, and, fortunately, you may not have to. There are only two things that can make humans allergic to dogs: their saliva and that scaly skin on their bodies called dander. Here are some precautions you can take:

  1. Make it a habit to wash your hands or take a bath after playing with your pet or when you happen to come in contact with its toys and the other objects it has played with during the day. These may include the things inside its crate or sleeping quarters. Its bedding, toys, food bowls and other personal stuff must be washed regularly.

  2. Cover your furniture in the living room with washable fitted covers that you can just replace with clean ones when needed. Then you can take the used ones out for a good wash with warm water and laundry detergent to remove the traces of your dog.

    Do the same with your curtains, table covers and mats.

  3. Identify private places in your house from which you can exclude the dog. These should include the bedroom, study room or any room where you are likely to relax or concentrate. Never allow your dog to jump into your bed if you have dog allergies. You do not want to suffer from sleepless nights. It is even much better to restrict the dog from the inside of the house and to build a dog kennel within your property. It should include a sheltered dog house and an outdoor running track.

  4. Always keep your home clean. Once you have eliminated the dirt on surfaces, window shelves, compartments, furniture and the floor, you can minimize the harmful air particles by vacuuming the place. Small particles will be absorbed by the vacuum, preventing them from being blown away and polluting the air indoors. Protect yourself with a dust mask while doing this.

  5. Do not groom or bathe your dog yourself if you are allergic to it. Schedule a regular grooming session with a commercial dog saloon as often as you can afford it – and balance it out when you can find volunteer family members or friends to do the job for you. If you do not have a choice but to do it yourself, use gloves and a dust mask while grooming your dog, and take a bath immediately after the session to minimize the unfavorable effects.

  6. Together with the regular monitoring of your dog by your trusted veterinarian, keep your dog’s environment hygienic. Your vet will be able to alert you when your dog’s health is starting to deteriorate, but its general welfare is in your own hands. The occurrence of dander seems to increase when your dog is in poor health. You can keep your dog healthy by giving it a healthy lifestyle that includes quality foods, exercise and clean dwelling.

It is crucial to be aware that air pollution can happen inside the house. In fact, it is the most common cause of allergies with or without a dog, especially if the home is not cleaned well. Your understanding of how to prevent dog allergies relies on your capacity to be consistent in cleaning your home. It is also important to allow fresh air to flow into the house and to make sure that the exhaust system is working well. In short, proper ventilation is as important as hygiene when you are sensitive to allergens.


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