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how to prevent getting HIV

how to prevent getting HIV

HIV prevention is basically a major lifestyle change for everyone especially the high-risk group. As we already know its causes, like unprotected sex, it is much easier to say “use condoms” or “abstain from sex.” But how easy is it to actually do it? Most HIV prevention campaigns that were noted to be very successful were designed for specific target groups. The general rules on how to prevent getting HIV also had some impact, but the substantial decline for HIV cases resulted mostly from specified communities. Here are some approaches that worked:

  1. The community skill training for homosexual men conducted by the members of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation include a hands-on pre-test counseling service for the individual attendees. Explicit activities were discussed with the HIV pre-test candidate during a one-on-one session, and alternatives were suggested. Advising that sex partners of the affected ones must be notified also contributed to the success of the program.

  2. HIV routine screening for pregnant women was able to interrupt the increasing number of cases among infected children.

    administration of antiretroviral drugs to the affected mothers-to-be and the breastfeeding prohibition after giving birth proved to be very effective based on the data collected from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S.

  3. Discouraging needle exchange for users of injectable drugs helped but was very controversial. Organizers of the strategy were accused of consenting to the use of illegal drugs although this is not the case for them. The conflict resulted in a federal funding ban for these types of activities in New York in 2001 that lasted until 2009.

  4. The advice to the young people to abstain from sex did not work, but the comprehensive sex education made a difference. Teenagers needed to be educated about the origin of the disease the same way the information about the reproduction system is being taught. The use of condoms and other protection must be highlighted as an important part of the sexual act in terms of hygiene and not just a matter of preference.

  5. Stories of some brave HIV-infected individuals were featured internationally through the mass media to create a wider scope for the HIV/AIDS campaign. The benefit of being loyal to one’s partner was the lesson presented and received popular approval from different cultures.

  6. Health workers are regularly exposed to HIV infection because they can be contaminated by infected bodily fluids through their eyes, mouth, and other openings in the body. They can also be accidentally pierced by a contaminated syringe. In 1970, laws were passed in America mandating government agencies to establish and impose workplace national safety and health standards to avoid diseases acquired from the workplace. Medical facilities must be up to standards pertaining to the proper use of protective devices, hygiene, and garbage disposal.

The above measures on how to prevent getting HIV are obviously a group effort. People need to participate with society so as not to be discriminated against. It is already very traumatic to be infected with HIV. Affected individuals need more compassion and understanding. Patients who are refused by some dentists and insurers because of the infection are being discriminated against in a major way. This discrimination is considered very controversial whether it should be tolerated because it is driving the said patients into depression and isolation which could become more dangerous for the affected ones and for those people around them. But it is understandable why health workers and others do not want to risk their lives for people infected with HIV.


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