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How to Prevent Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss

How to prevent hair loss is essential information for some people. Many seldom pay that much attention to hair care and exert much effort to make hair look good without considering the damage such efforts cause hair. Of course, there is a normal rate of hair loss daily, but once hair starts to fall at a greater rate than usual, hair care then quickly becomes a major issue. Below are ways to take care of hair to avoid or minimize hair problems that could lead to falling hair and breakage. There are many remedies touted to stop hair loss and make hair grow faster, but many of these fail to deliver as promised. One reason for this is that hair is made up of dead cells and has no capacity for self-healing. Then there is the fact that hair loss has many causes, and failure to address the specific cause means that the solution applied will not solve the problem. However, preventing hair loss can be done, and you can do it following the steps below.

  1. Improve your diet. What goes into your body will show in your hair. Good nutrition will result in healthy, shiny hair.

    Poor diet, too much junk food, and yo-yo dieting will result in dull and dry hair. When your body is starved or deprived of nutrients, it will go in defense mode and prioritize nutrition for the major body organs in order to ensure survival. Improve your diet and your hair will regain its body and sheen.

  2. Consider supplements. Vitamin and mineral deficiency will deprive your scalp of nutrients vital to good hair growth. Like above, deficiency will render hair dry and lifeless. Inquire from a healthcare professional about taking supplements, particularly Vitamin C, iron, biotin, and saw palmetto.

  3. Learn to relax. Stress is a major cause of hair and scalp problems like dandruff and, yes, hair loss. Meditation, adequate rest, and sufficient hours of sleep will all greatly help your body in its restorative efforts and thus enable your whole system—including your scalp—to stay healthy.

  4. Check out your meds. Hair loss is sometimes the unfortunate side effect of some prescription drugs. Read the labels and if possible hair loss concerns you, inquire about suitable alternatives from your doctor.

  5. See a doctor. Bad health affects hair. So do major life stages, such as pregnancy or giving birth, aging, pre-menopause, and menopause. Depression from a bereavement or divorce could also impact hair. Sometimes, depression about the hair loss itself could lead to more hair loss. Hormones may also play a part; genes certainly do. If you are concerned about thinning hair or rapid hair loss, get a medical checkup to eliminate likely health problems that may be causing the hair loss symptoms. Hopefully, addressing the underlying issue will also stop the hair loss. You could also see a specialist about your hair loss. This is a common problem and one that many others have gone for treatment in the past, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Seeing a doctor early may help you get the intervention you need before it’s too late.

Hair loss prevention is best done before the problem has become irreversible. It is important that you stay aware of the condition of your hair before any problem occurs. Taking good care of your hair, not subjecting it to harsh treatment, and generally ensuring your overall well-being will all work towards keeping your hair healthy. Even if genes ultimately determine the fate of your pate, you don’t have to succumb to it any more or sooner than you have to. Then you will be successful in your efforts on how to prevent hair loss.


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