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how to prevent heart disease

how to prevent heart disease

The fatality rate for heart disease may be high, but this statistic has nothing to do with us even if heart disease is in the family history. It has been observed that people with genetic connections to heart disease can actually avoid acquiring the disease just by having a healthy lifestyle. How to prevent heart disease is attainable if you have the discipline to incorporate them into your life. Here’s how:

  1. Cholesterol and excessive fats will clog your arteries. The heart will become overworked due to this condition. A high-fiber diet can cleanse your system. Monitoring cholesterol levels in the body must be done every five years during adulthood. Seek your doctor’s recommendations how to lower your cholesterol when you have high results. You may be advised to have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing salt or sodium in your foods, and to avoid saturated fats.

  2. Do not feast on meat and high-fat dairy products. This can lower your intake of saturated fats. You can also avoid obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

    lso eat some meatless meals every now and then. Limiting your meat consumption to once a week is a good start. You can substitute your protein source with vegetables like soybeans, all other legumes, and many more.

  3. Get checked for high blood pressure. If you have it, take the doctor’s prescription to regulate it. It must be controlled so as not to lead to any serious heart ailment. Regular checking for high blood pressure will determine the progress of your medications or behavior modifications.

  4. Avoid diabetes. Diabetic people are prone to heart disease. The risk can be reduced by controlling the disease. Take maintenance drugs prescribed by your doctor. Check sugar levels in the blood when feeling awry. Do not let go of yourself. Avoid weight gain by doing some physical activities.

  5. Make exercise a major part of the day that you cannot do without. That way you’ll get lots of benefits. Stress will go away; blood pressure will be lowered. You’ll burn excessive fats and calories. Your immune system will be stronger. You’ll feel like a new person after every session. Lighter people will avoid injuries and will not be at risk for conditions like arthritis because the feet, bones, and joints will not be burdened with the extra load from the weight gained.

  6. Do not smoke and do not expose yourself to smokers. Second-hand smoke is the third leading cause of death in America which is preventable. Smokers are prone to high blood pressure, stroke, and, of course, heart disease. As soon as a person quits smoking, the heart attack risk will immediately decrease. Ask your doctor how to quit smoking if you smoke.

  7. Do not abuse alcohol and drugs. Being addicted to caffeine is harmful to the body. Many drugs have adverse side effects. You’ll benefit from drinking a glass of red wine a day or two but not more. If you can’t stop drinking alcohol, it’s a must to drink moderately. You’ll suffer the consequences if you can’t stop these bad habits.

You can still be healthy even if you are busy. Just don’t live a stressful life. Be positive instead. Do not take too much of anything because they can only endanger your health. You’ll be successful on how to prevent heart disease if you follow these recommendations faithfully. Not just temporarily but a total lifestyle change will have great benefits. Are you ready to change for the better?


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