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how to prevent kidney cancer

how to prevent kidney cancer

The possibility of a person getting kidney cancer depends on his susceptibility to it according to certain risk factors. But, while it is necessary to know how to prevent kidney cancer and do everything possible to reduce your risks, some people are more prone to it than others. This is not to say it is useless to try to stay healthy. Whatever may happen, living healthy and promoting overall well-being is always more beneficial than neglecting our health and bodies. Kidney cancer is cancer that starts in the kidneys; the kidneys are attacked by cancerous cells, or tumors grow in one or both kidneys. The specific cause of most cancers are largely unknown, including that of kidney cancer, but some genetic, hereditary, and lifestyle factors associated with kidney cancer may predispose a person to it. Finding out what these are, and working at reducing the factors that may be controlled, could go a long way towards avoiding kidney cancer. You can start with the following:

  1. Know yourself. Certain habits and lifestyle practices make people generally more prone to getting cancer.

    Some of these include obesity or being overweight, having high blood pressure, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, a sedentary routine, unhealthy diet, and the misuse or abuse of pain medications including over-the-counter ones. Having a personal or family history of cancer is a big risk factor. Occupational hazards may also play a large part in increasing your risk for getting kidney cancer. Exposure – particularly close and prolonged contact with asbestos, solvents and cadmium, or other cancer-causing agents, will definitely influence your likelihood of getting cancer. So examine your lifestyle, family medical history, and overall state of health in order to thoroughly assess your risk.

  2. Know the illness. If you believe you are at high risk for kidney cancer, consult with your health care provider about the disease. He or she will be able to give you more advice about your specific situation. Unlike other forms of cancer, there is no screening available for kidney cancer, and it may develop without pain or other symptoms. So it’s important to be aware of your risks and the options open to you should you be at high risk for it. If you may be genetically at risk for kidney cancer, you may need a genetic counselor to talk to you about a genetic test and any further steps you may need to take to prevent kidney cancer. Another thing: medicine is a constantly growing and improving discipline. Studies are constantly being done about many aspects of kidney cancer. Keep abreast of such information, as it may provide you with valuable information and new advice on avoiding kidney cancer.

  3. Know the general health advice. Many of us take for granted the fact that the usual advice for overall good health serves to protect us and help prevent problems with our health and bodies. A healthy diet, exercise, and controlling body weight are important defenses against many diseases, including kidney cancer. Give up smoking, excessive alcoholic intake, and substance abuse.  Taking vitamins and supplements help as well, as do drinking lots of water, getting sufficient rest, and getting annual general checkups. Being responsible for your own body and health will help you keep hale and hearty for sometime.

  4. Know the warning signs. Watch out for the following symptoms and consult a doctor immediately if you should experience any of these: pain and swelling in the abdomen area; blood in the urine; flank or back pain; unexplained and sudden weight loss; frequent constipation; intolerance to cool temperatures; paleness and vision problems.

There may be no guarantee to keep you healthy and informed, but doing the above steps is a good start at how to prevent kidney cancer. Do yourself a favor and do something about it.


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