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How to Prevent Kidney Disease in Cats

How to Prevent Kidney Disease in Cats

Prevention is better than cure! This is particularly true when it comes to the health and physical wellbeing of your pet cat. It is best not to wait for the disease to manifest before making efforts on how to prevent kidney disease in cats.  Read on for valuable pointers:

  1. Schedule a regular check up with your veterinarian. It is best to have the basic examinations, such as blood and urine tests. If your vet is experienced enough, by simply looking at your cat and studying its health history, he can recommend the right tests to perform. More comprehensive tests can be done as well, such as ultrasound or x-ray. Otherwise, just the basics are enough.

  2. Be careful with your cat’s feeding. Make sure it is eating a balanced meal. Give just enough to make it feel satisfied and not too much to make it obese. Based on actual studies, obesity causes several diseases to our cats, most especially diabetes and kidney problems. Obese cats have a tendency to become too lazy to move and usually become inactive.

    lways initiate play time for you and your pet, so it is forced to be more active, thereby shedding the extra weight.

  3. If your cat developed the habit of visiting your neighbor’s house from time to time, it is best to let it wear a collar with the message “No food, please.” Some people are fond of feeding stray pets. When this happens, your cat will get used to eating more and it will definitely be harder to let it stick to a prescribed diet.

  4. Do not ignore the changes in your cat’s habits and behavior.  When you see it urinating and drinking more often, vomiting and losing appetite, chances are it is having some kind of trouble in its kidneys. Do not guess on the possible cause. Take it for consultation right away with an experienced vet. It could be irreversible for serious cases; however, in other cases just a little medication and diet changes can solve the problem. Stick to a low protein diet for your cat when it is diagnosed with kidney disease.

  5. Kidney disease is very common among cats. When diagnosed with it, it does not mean that it’s the end for your dear pet. With proper handling and care, you can look forward to being with your pet through its full years.

Your knowledge on how to prevent kidney disease in cats gives you the advantage in caring for your pets. Much effort and care should be invested in them. Despite the hard work, it is such a joy to have pets indeed!


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