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how to prevent mosquito bites

how to prevent mosquito bites

Mosquito bites should not be taken for granted. In fact, many people have died just because mosquitoes bit them. There are species of mosquitoes that carry deadly viruses that can result in filariasis, while others can cause people to die of dengue. In fact, all over the world, hundreds of people die every day of this deadly dengue strain. Learn how to prevent mosquito bites and you will be safe from the dangers of mosquitoes. The following are among the most effective tips on preventing mosquito bites:

  1. Try to use mosquito repellent. This is one of the most effective strategies of preventing mosquitoes from going near you. Insect repellents are now available in the markets and they vary in brands. Choose the brand that could work for you. If you don’t know how to identify which brand is very effective, try to ask your friends or your healthcare professionals.  They might be able to suggest a better brand. There are repellents that are sprayed on exposed skin so that mosquitoes cannot bite those parts of your body.

  2. Wear clothing that is treated with Permethrin.

    strong> This is another brand of mosquito repellent. If your clothing is treated with this, mosquitoes will be afraid to land into your body for a bite. Many people from places like the United States, Europe and Asia use this to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

  3. Light-colored clothing also helps. In order to stay away from mosquitoes, you can also wear light-colored clothes, such as white, tan or olive. Mosquitoes are not attracted to light colors. This means you are less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes if you wear these types of clothes.

  4. Perfumed clothes attract mosquitoes. Yes, this is true. If you are wearing perfumed clothes or have applied body lotions, you attract mosquitoes, so just beware of places where there are lots of mosquitoes. Avoiding these dirty places will keep you safe from mosquito bites even when you apply perfumes to your shirts and your skin.

  5. Standing water also attracts mosquito, so avoid it. Places with standing water also attract mosquitoes, so do not standby in these places. When you visit your friend’s house, try to keep away from fountains or pools because most likely you will be bitten by mosquitoes.

  6. Beware of mosquitoes’ peak hours. During dusk and dawn mosquitoes are in their peak hours. This is the time for them to look for their victims. They’re like vampires who look for their prey during peak hours. You may have noticed that at around six or seven in the early evening, mosquitoes are more common.

  7. Use mosquito nets at night. In houses where there is an absence of air-conditioned rooms, you can use mosquito nets. Nets are usually used in small towns and villages.

Learning how to prevent mosquito bites is not a problem if you are smart enough to use these strategies mentioned above. Good luck on your fight against the dangerous mosquitoes!


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