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How to Prevent Oily Skin

How to Prevent Oily Skin

Facial stickiness due to oily skin is untidy, irritating, and uncomfortable. If you are one of those people who are anti-social because of this, make use of this article on how to prevent oily skin to bring back your confidence. Here are some tips:

  1. Clean your face regularly. Wash your face at least two times daily with warm water - preferably in the morning and before bedtime. Do not overdo the washing. You want to avoid dryness or triggering the sebaceous glands responsible for the skin’s oil production.

  2. Avoid using soap bars on your face. Use a medicated facial cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. These are mild ingredients that help remove excess oil from your face and hinder its abnormal production.

  3. Never use toner or astringent with alcohol. Toner that contains alcohol is harsh on your skin. Purchase an alcohol-free toner and apply it to your face after every wash. The toner will lock-up the pores to prevent them from clogging with excess oil, dead skin, and dirt, thus avoiding acne breakouts.


  4. Use a water-based moisturizer and sun block. These will keep your skin moist and, at the same time, will serve as your protection from the harmful UV rays. Apply the moisturizer after treating your face with toner. Use a mineral-based sun block instead of the moisturizer before wearing your makeup if you are about to go out into the open. Pamper your skin with water-based moisturizer before going to bed.

  5. Wear a non-comedogenic cosmetic. This is essential for those who wear makeup every day. Own a complete set of makeup with oil-control formula to keep your skin oil-free all day long. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends mineral powder cosmetics instead of creamy ones. Take your time when buying makeup. You should read and scrutinize the label to make sure that it is for your type of skin.

  6. Exfoliate your face to unclog your pores and remove dead skin. Create your own exfoliant using natural ingredients. Combine a few drops of lemon extract, 3 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, and just enough milk to soften the mixture. Mix all the ingredients well. Take a small amount and apply it on your face with a gentle massage - especially on your T-zone area. Let it stand for 20 minutes before washing. Do this twice a week for the best results.

  7. Take advantage of Retin-A cream. Retinoid or Retin-A is a popular component of lightening and anti-aging creams. However, it is also effective in controlling oil production in the skin. Just a little pre-caution: Dryness and irritation can occur when it is not properly administered. Give your skin enough time to get used to it. Apply the cream once every other day for the first five days before you can proceed to the normal daily treatment indicated in the pack.

  8. Drink 8 -10 glasses of water a day. Water therapy should always be a priority on your daily skin-care list. Drinking the required amount of water daily will keep you hydrated and toxin free. Oily skin persists on a dehydrated body.

  9. Watch your diet. Your intake of healthy food is also important for preventing oily skin. Eat more fiber-rich foods, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid fried foods and greasy snacks.

Be careful in choosing over-the-counter products. Astringent or toner is essential when learning how to prevent oily skin. There are 3 levels of strength for this product. Note that the bottles are numbered 1, 2, and 3 according to their level of strength. Use the mildest level primarily during the first week. Numbers 2 and 3 should follow in the second and third weeks respectively to complete the treatment. Buy the trial size bottle first to test its compatibility with your skin.


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