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how to prevent razor burn

how to prevent razor burn

Achieving a clean look through shaving contributes to overall well-being. While disposable razors are convenient tools for those concerned with excessive hair, improper shaving can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly razor burn. Learning how to prevent razor burn will ensure smooth results after shaving. For some people, shaving is a daily form of personal hygiene. Usually, men are the prime users of razors for personal care and cleanliness. However, today, women are also into shaving for the same reason - personal hygiene. When you use a razor, common problems that arise include razor burns and itchy shaving bumps. The blades of a dull razor cause the razor burns. When the razor blades become dull, skin irritation is more common as you must shave the same area more than once. To help prevent these burns, observe the following tips:

  1. Wash your face or the area to be shaved, preferably with lukewarm water. Hot water will make the hair strands soft and the skin tender, in which case, the razor blades will be able to cut the hair smoothly.

  2. Wash your face with a facial soap, preferably with moisturizers. With the combination of lukewarm water and facial soap with moisturizers, the skin and the hair will become supple and tender – perfect for shaving.

  3. Use a dependable razor with sharp built-in blades. When dealing with sharp blades, you don’t have to make multiple strokes to achieve a fine shave. One or two passes should be enough. The less passes you make, the less chances of skin irritation.

    Most of the razors today are designed with two or three blades. There are a few styles that have fours blades. Multiple blades can reduce the number of passes on the area to be shaved, thereby, totally eliminating the occurrence of razor burns and shaving bumps. With three or four sharp blades, a clean and fine shave is possible with just one pass in each area.

  4. Put on your shaving cream after washing. Your shaving cream can further enhance the smoothness of the skin and will also make the hair strands softer. Any brand of shaving cream will do.

  5. Shave daily. Since shaving is a matter of personal care, it is best to do it on a daily basis. When the hair growth is too short, shaving is a lot easier. Shave after every bath while your skin pores are still open, making the hair strands easier to cut.

  6. Change razor blades. When you feel that your blades are growing dull, be sure that you find a new razor. If you have not shaved for almost a week and your beard is getting thicker and longer, then it is advisable that you change your blades.

  7. After shaving, wash with cold water and apply aftershave products. Rinsing off with cold water will close your pores and speed up the cooling process. Wipe your face gently with a soft towel and apply some lotion to gain moisture.

If you follow these tips on how to prevent razor burn, you will achieve a smooth and clean looking face. Shave everyday using a reliable razor with multiple sharp blades. Couple it with your moisturizing facial soap and shaving cream.


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