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how to prevent seizures

how to prevent seizures

Seizure attacks are manifested by the person’s stiffening of the muscles or eyes rolling back like that of a person having a convulsion. Disturbed mental conditions and tonic symptoms can also be seen during the said attack. How to prevent seizures is necessary for those suffering from the symptoms of the disorder caused by some electric currents in the brain. The seizure is not fatal, but it has to be minimized to lessen the risk of accidents that can be harmful to the affected and to the rest of the people around. Here are some ways to control it:

  1. Preventive medications must be maintained because anti-seizure drugs will not slow down or stop the symptoms right away. It will take around 14 days to become acceptable to the bloodstream. In instances that the drugs taken are not effective, the dosage may be increased by the doctor or totally changed to a stronger one. It will be helpful to be observant with the progress of the treatment to be able to get the suitable medical plan.

  2. The food that we eat normally causes the occurrence of disorders in the body.

    So it will only make sense to use some kind of foods to counteract the negative effects. Fiber-rich, natural products will be more beneficial when taken with low-protein products. Children that were hospitalized and strictly provided a ketogenic diet showed positive results. Hospitalization may be needed to establish direct monitoring for the patient’s intake. It will then be easier to continue the diet at home when the patient and the caregiver are used to it already.

  3. Successful surgeries can provide fast relief from the symptoms of seizures. However, it’s a very complicated procedure. It involves the removal of that part of the brain that is the culprit of the condition. There’s a big chance that the patient will develop problems in the eyes, have memory gaps, and will experience speaking deficiencies. Surgery is only recommended when the extent of the seizure is massive that disables the patient.

  4. Get the services of a neurologist. Only a specialized doctor can analyze the effects of medications and has the right to prescribe the appropriate drugs. Being open to the doctor is a must with regards to the progress of the seizure. Your reports will become an important basis for the doctor to choose the right treatment. If there are medications that can make the patient more uncomfortable, report it also. The idea is to give comfort to the patient so as not to trigger the symptoms.

  5. Breathing exercises will have a tremendous impact on the reduction of seizures. The breathing pattern will be like that of Pranayama, a yoga breathing process, coupled with asanas, yoga postures that will enhance blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and strengthen the nervous system. All these ancient therapies are safe for everybody because they do not have side effects.

How to prevent seizures involves watching and staying away from the things, situations, and feelings that trigger them. The trigger can be as simple as flashes of light or something that comes from within the body such as stress. If you are observant enough on what causes the symptoms to go out of control, you will know what to avoid. This will prevent one’s self from painful sufferings or even humiliation when the attacks happen in public. If you see someone having epileptic seizures, remove all dangerous objects around the area to make it safer for the patient.


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