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How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

When your pet dog is infested with ticks, it is stuck with a very irritating and unhealthy condition. It may seem like a small problem, but it could lead to something serious as ticks are also carriers of serious diseases.  Furthermore, ticks do feed on your dog, depriving your pet of nutrients. That is why it is important to know how to prevent ticks on dogs.  These are important tips that will be helpful for you and your pet:

  1. Keep your dog clean at all times.  Like all other parasites, ticks thrive in an untidy atmosphere.  Regularly bathe your dog.  Brush its fur thoroughly to search for ticks. Remove them one by one with the use of tweezers. Do not twist them with the tweezers as chances are you might be able to remove the tick, but a portion of it will be left.  The mouth is the worst as it leaves behind saliva that might spread any diseases it might be carrying. Once the tick is removed, apply an antiseptic or antibiotic to prevent any bacteria from spreading. Make sure to destroy the tick so it won’t feed on your dog again.

  2. Apply topical liquid to your dog’s body from the shoulder blades down.

    recommended ones are K9 Advantix and Frontline. You can also ask your veterinarian to recommend a good brand that you can use for your dog.  This is a water proof liquid that is applied topically and expected to last for about 30 days. It serves as repellent so the ticks stay away from your dog. Ticks also pose a hazard to human health. As we are warm-blooded, we are an option for their feeding. Make your household tick-free by maintaining cleanliness and disinfect as often as necessary. Proper hygiene too is a must for all the members of your household.

  3. Do not let your dog go near places where ticks usually breed, such as tall grasses and the woods. Especially during summer time, places like these are their favorite hangout spots as they are outdoor creatures. They are not insects and are a class of their own, like mites. Ticks use heat sensors and as soon as you or your dog is near them, they fall on an area of the skin where they can feed. They will not let loose until they are done feeding themselves. Do not let ticks feast on your dog or any member of your household. Although it may not be a life threatening situation, it is still very unhealthy as they are noted to be carriers of some diseases such as Lyme disease.

Making your dog tick-free is very important. Parasites such as ticks, small as they may be, pose an eminent danger to your dog’s health. Taking steps on how to prevent ticks on dogs is therefore mandatory to avoid an infestation. Without your efforts, dogs will have a hard time getting rid of ticks - they are practically helpless against them. Remember to always protect your hands from direct contact with ticks to avoid being contaminated with whatever diseases they may be carrying.


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