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how to prevent type 1 diabetes

how to prevent type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is a condition wherein your body does not metabolize the way it should. Metabolism refers to the way your body breaks down its sources for energy, such as sugar, to perform its normal functions on the cellular level. There are several types of diabetes. One is called type 1 diabetes or diabetes mellitus. This type occurs in about one in every ten cases of diabetes and occurs when your body cannot produce insulin at all. Insulin is a substance produced in your pancreas that is needed to open or unlock the cell, so glucose (or the sugar our cells need for energy or fuel) can enter the cell. Once you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you must manage the condition by getting daily insulin shots, eating healthy and by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. You should also avoid getting wounded as diabetes compromises your body’s capacity to heal. In worst case scenarios, unhealed wounds in diabetes patients lead to gangrene and eventually amputation. The complications that one can develop from having type 1 diabetes can be debilitating or even fatal if not treated properly. In answering the question: how to prevent type 1 diabetes? One must look at the disease as realistically as possible.

The truth is that medical research is yet to produce a foolproof prevention method against type 1 diabetes. However, there are some risk factors you can avoid to lessen your chances of developing the condition. Here are the steps to follow to prevent type 1 diabetes:

  1. Start early.  Because type 1 diabetes has become more common in children and young adults (one is most likely to show symptoms starting at twenty years old), the key to preventing it or delaying it is to start as early as possible.

    For parents who want to lessen their children’s chances of developing it, breastfeeding is a must.  Several studies show that chances for developing type 1 diabetes are higher for children who have been fed cow’s milk or infant formulas as babies, while the opposite is true for breast-fed babies.

    Eating healthy and maintaining a regular exercise routine optimizes the body’s metabolism and should be established as early as possible as a diabetes-prevention lifestyle.

  2. Stay active. Several success stories tell of diabetes patients keeping their symptoms at bay by staying active. Being overweight worsens the condition and increases your susceptibility to developing it later. Cholesterol levels must be normal at all times and exercise helps you prevent fat and cholesterol build-up.

  3. Avoid meat and fattening food. Maintain your body mass index by knowing what is the ideal weight based on your age, height, gender and race. Eat healthy by sticking to low-fat foods and avoiding meat, especially red meat that is more likely to compromise the metabolism by introducing more fat and carbohydrates than your system can completely digest.

  4. Maintain a high-fiber diet. Whole wheat and whole grains as well as vegetables and fruits are your best bet to a diabetes-free life. Help your body digest, metabolize and optimize nutrition absorption by eating a high-fiber diet.

At the end of the day, knowing how to prevent type 1 diabetes is about having the will and the discipline to live and eat healthy as early as possible. Despite genetic predispositions or other risk factors you might have, as long as you do not abuse your body, your chances of developing type 1 diabetes are considerably lessened.


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