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how to program RCA universal remotes

how to program RCA universal remotes

Many households have a television, a stereo component, a DVD player, and maybe a TiVo. All these devices come with remotes. That can mean four or five remote controls for your whole home entertainment system. With all these remotes, it can get confusing at times, especially when one or two gets missing. When that happens, having to control the device manually can be a hassle. Thankfully, there is a device that can streamline remote controlling. Known as an RCA universal remote control, this very practical device can control any device, such as televisions, DVD players, stereo systems, and virtually any audio or video device. Once they get one, anyone can quickly learn how to program an RCA universal remote. Here are the steps to program an RCA universal remote.

  1. Have the remote and list of codes on hand. Look up the device you want to program the remote to control. Let’s say you want to control the TV, so then, turn it on.

  2. Then simultaneously press the TV button along with the power button until the power key turns on.

    If you are programming it for another device, you would hold down the appropriate button. Once it lights up, stop pressing both buttons, and press them again until the power key lights up for the second time. Key in the device code. If you did this correctly, the light on the power button will stay on. If not, the button will blink, and you have to repeat the steps.

  3. Check if it works. Try out the remote to see if it can control the device. Again, simply repeat the process if the device does not respond.

  4. Do the same with other devices. Now that you have successfully programmed your first device, simply repeat the process for all the other devices you want to control with your RCA universal remote.

Knowing how to program an RCA universal remote is easy and a very handy skill, especially if you purchase or upgrade to new devices. Using it also lessens the clutter and having to figure out which remote is for which device every time you want to use them. This handy universal remote saves you the hassle of having to reach and look for the right remote every time you want to use a specific device. Just make sure you keep it in a convenient and secure place as well as the list of codes for the appliances.


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