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How to Properly Estimate Roof Shingles

How to Properly Estimate Roof Shingles

Building a new house, repairing an old one, or even making minor renovations takes a lot of planning, time, and can be very costly. One of the most important aspects of a building is the roof for obvious reasons, which is why it is crucial to make it is very durable. Sadly, durable sometimes means expensive. Therefore, you should know how to estimate roof shingles so that you do not order too little or too much. The first thing that you should understand is the language. It is actually quite simple. When buying roof shingles, what you should be familiar with “bundle” and “square.” One square is equal to the number of shingles you need in 100 square feet. The most common is three bundles for 1 square. This still depends on the type of shingles since there are also shingles that are four and five bundles to cover a square. So you need to figure out the number of “squares” you will need. Here are steps with an example to give you a better idea of estimating the number of shingles you need.

  1. Measure the length and width of a plane of the roof.

    forget to include any dormers. The example roof has the following measurements:

    Length = 140 ft.

    Width = 100 ft.

  2. Get the total square area of one plane of roof by multiplying the length and width.

    140 ft x 100 ft = 14,000 square feet

  3. To get the measurement of the entire roof, meaning the two planes, simply multiply the area from before by 2. In this example, the assumption is that the house has two planes.

    14,000 ft x 2 (planes) = 28,000 square feet

  4. As mentioned earlier, a square equals 100 square feet, so divide the total area by 100 to see how squares are necessary.

    28,000/100 = 280 squares

    This means that you need 280 squares of roof shingles to cover your 28,000 square feet roof.

  5. To the total number of squares, add 10 percent for some allowance. There can be unforeseen complications, and it is always wise to have back up shingles, so you don’t have to order more and delay the project. So in this example, we would multiply the total squares by 1.1.

    280 x 1.1 = 308.

    So you should order a total of 308 squares of roof shingles.

When measuring your roof, be extremely careful. Make sure you work with someone in case of any accidents so that the other person can quickly get help. Of course, check your ladder to make sure nothing is wrong before climbing up. Lastly, be sure to work only when the weather is nice. These basic steps show you how to estimate roof shingles and will make your roof project run smoothly, and not to mention that they will save you a good deal of time, energy, and resources.


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