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how to properly maintain a car

how to properly maintain a car

Since having a car is now a necessity, the number of people on the roadways has increased. Those who have enough cash buy cars. However, those who can’t afford a vehicle finance the car through lenders and financing companies. The problem here isn't purchasing a car, but maintaining it. Most car owners fail in maintaining their car. And since cars today are quite expensive, you really need to keep your car in good condition. Well, there are simple ways on how to properly maintain a car:

  1. You should schedule your car for regular checkups. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer usually gives you a schedule book. You should read this schedule book and follow it; it contains the necessary information about when to service your car and how to maintain it. You can have your car checked up by a competent mechanic.

  2. Check the car’s tires at least twice a month. This is important to avoid and prevent any tear. You should also check the hoses and fan belts of your vehicle for any wear and tear.


  3. Regularly check your car’s oil. The manual given by the manufacturer indicates the required viscosity of the oil for your vehicle. Use the proper oil for your car. When you’ve gone 36,000 miles, it is time to replace the transmission filter and fluid. You should inspect the transmission before you change the oil, especially when the fluid has a burnt odor. It is easy to prolong the life of your vehicle’s transmission. You should just remember the following: when you stop, you should shift into neutral while keeping the foot on the brake; and before you shift between forward gear and reverse, you should first come to a stop.

  4. You must inspect your vehicle’s engine once a week. Check for any dirt or oil leaks. Wipe the engine with a dry cloth to clean the dirty parts. If the oil leaks again two days after, you should have it checked.  When cleaning the engine, do not hose it with water. This will cause short circuit problems.

  5. Inspect the battery terminals. If you spot white deposits, clean the entire battery. You can use a wire brush to clear the deposits off. Mix approximately two teaspoons of baking soda and water. Use this solution to clean the battery.

  6. Inspect the brake fluid and check for leaks. You can monitor the leakage by placing a cardboard sheet under the car. It also helps to park your vehicle in the same area so that it will be easier to spot any leak.  Maintain the rotors and brake pads.

  7. You should see to it that the cooling system is kept unclogged. You can do this by replacing or draining the antifreeze once every two years. Before changing the antifreeze, you should flush the cooling system first and replace the hoses with new ones. It is also good to run the air conditioner for around five minutes per month. You should also run the heater for about five to ten minutes at least once a month.

  8. Maintain the appearance of your car. Have it waxed at least three times a year. By doing this, your vehicle will appear new and in good condition. Also, spray lubricant on the door locks and hinges at least once a year. This is to keep the doors well-lubricated.

The ways on how to properly maintain a car are simple, easy and not that time-consuming. With this, you will be able to avoid any vehicular problems. Remember that fixing the problem could cost you much time and money. So, maintain your car’s condition while you can.


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