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How To Put A Ribbon On A Christmas Tree

How To Put A Ribbon On A Christmas Tree

As simple as it seems, how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree can also contribute to the festive ambiance of the symbolic tree. It can carry whatever motif you have chosen for the celebration. You can mix and match colors or form sophisticated designs. You can also make wreaths or garlands to hang on your tree. If you decide to continue hanging raw ribbons on your Christmas tree because you have the perfect ribbon for the occasion, here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a roll of your chosen ribbon. Place a sturdy chair or stool near the Christmas tree. Shake the chair to be sure it is firm enough. Never take chances with shaky chairs because you can easily get out of balance when you are up there. Ask someone to hold it for you if you are not too sure of its stability. Step on it carefully with your scissors, Scotch tape, and the ribbon.

  2. Select some branches that are at the same level near the upper part of the tree. Decide which branches will have ribbons and alternate their placement.

    Start on the first branch by cutting a small piece of Scotch tape and attaching half of it to the ribbon and the other half to the branch. Roll the ribbon out twice or thrice before allowing it to hang freely down towards the base of the tree.

  3. Hold the ribbon roll as you continually unroll the spool until you have to step down from the chair. Cut the ribbon according to the desired length. Do some fancy edge cutting at the end of the ribbon for its finishing touch. Cutting a piece like a triangle at the end of the ribbon is a common practice. Some might even imitate a grass skirt or slightly melt the ends with a lighter. Make sure that you are temporarily extending the distance of the ribbon farther from the tree by pulling it gently away from the rest of the directions for safety reasons.

  4. Do the same procedure to the rest of the selected branches from the start. Having four or more top-to-bottom lengths of ribbon hanging from the branches will enhance the look of your Christmas tree. Larger trees will need thicker ribbons or more ribbons to be more noticeable. It will be the other way around if you have a smaller tree.

  5. Adjust the ribbons by hand to match the overall environment of your home. You can bend or fold the ribbons as they go through the branches for casual effects or keep them straight and orderly from top to bottom for a more luxurious look. This will make the sheer shine of the ribbon more visible.

  6. Even the length of all the hanging ribbon by cutting any longer ones to be level with the rest if you need to. Do not forget to do the special edges once again.

Come to think of it, it is helpful to gather your thoughts first on how to put a ribbon on a Christmas tree for the best results. It might only involve a small degree of conceptualization but it still matters a lot. This is no doubt one part of decorating a Christmas tree that should not be ignored because it can make it or break it. They are like eye-catching centerpieces for that well-built Christmas tree of yours. You will be glad you made them the way you did.


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